just not my luck #2

17 Oct

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Well, yesterday wasn’t my day. Either. Actually I’d rather say that it was that moment in my life were I was most embarrassed of myself. Though I just couldn’t help it. After lunch, E and I decided to go for our weekly shopping. We are about to finish the bathroom and starting with the kitchen (wuhuu so excited!) So we decided to start en Sodimac to see what stuff they had for the kitchen. And suddenly I began to feel really bad. Like really bad in the word “sick”. I was actually thinking that I was going to…ehm.. puke. But I didn’t expect that it would come so fast. I was actually thinking that I would be able to go to the bathroom. But nope.

So after Sodimac we went to Tottus. And I said to E that I was probably going to vomit because I felt sick. But that I could wait till we had paid the groceries. It turns out that I just couldn’t. Standing in the line vomiting and making a fool out of my self. I must find a new place to do my weekly shopping.


just not my luck. #1

14 Oct

Well, story of my life. I have never been lucky with my suitcases. I’ve never given much thought of the possibility of losing my luggage while travelling, but somehow Air Europa thought that it was time to change that. So they left my luggage in Madrid for a week. Can anyone please tell me why it can take a week finding a suitcase and another week to return a call??! Anyway, after a week, they finally call with the news of having found my luggage in Madrid and will send it directly to Lima. Oh, that’s great, right? But then one of a traveller’s nightmares came true. They call from the airport in Lima telling me that I had to go to Lima to get it. Because they can’t *read will not* send it to Trujillo as Air Europa promised me at the time I arrived. That time, almost two weeks had passed. Frustrated and sad about the luggage incident, and after a lot of discussions with Air Europa in Spain and in Lima they eventually send me an e-mail telling me that they will send it to Trujillo. Almost after 3 weeks! How can it take these so long??!

I was not able to go all the way to Lima. Explaining, or rather crying over it on the phone, that it would take me about 11 hours from Trujillo to Lima and back and the cost.. I don’t even want to think about it. But they eventually sent it. I just picked it up in the airport of Trujillo. (Seriously guys, it’s the smallest, no, tiniest airport ever seen!)

So I was pretty feliz about having my stuff back. Also even though that they have pretty much broken my suitcase..

What’s your worst travel incident? Share!

It’s Official!

24 May


I can’t believe that I’m doing this. Really. I just bought my ticket to Barcelona today. As a part of my moving-to-Peru-plan. I’m so excited. But I’m not really excited to see my mother-in-law. On th 10th of September I’ll go to Barcelona, once again. This time I expect to go to Lima the 13th of September. My last airport incident didn’t end up really well, so I should probably be there at least 3 hours before. Just to be sure!

To be honest I really find Peru and Peruvians really interesting. But it ruins everything when las señoras
in Barcelona tell lies about me behind my back. I have never done or said anything of what they claim. I
didn’t have a good first experience in Trujillo. But seriously… WHY?! Why should I ever want to marry a Peruvian if I, as according to them, don’t like Peruvians. No me aguanto más chisme!

I’m so excited to start a new life in Peru. And then I’ll officially be walking the streets of Trujillo..

Confessions of a Bridezilla #1

11 May

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As the days are passing the more stressed I get and the more Bridezilla I’m becoming. These days we are having some discussions of what type of dress that would be the most appropriate since we’re not getting married in the church. E thinks that I should/can only be wearing a short dress while I think that I can be wearing a long dress as if we were getting married in the church but not a big dress. Just keep it simple.

We don’t want to make the biggest party but for me this is something really special. Besides I’ve got the money! But I do think that we should agree on exactly what we’re doing. And here comes the Bridezilla..

E is busy studying. I must say that I really admire his discipline. I’m just really lazy when it comes to stuff like that, but it’s what to expect of a Dane. Anyway, since we’re still having a huge distance between us I’m realizing as the days are passing that being separated like that is wrong. In every way, it’s just wrong. It’s almost impossible to have a relation like this and to plan a wedding is so difficult. I miss him a little more every day. I regret that I didn’t take the chance of going to Peru in March. I’m having this fight every day to make things work and to save up to leave in November or December. And honestly E hasn’t so much time to do nothing but study, and I must respect that.

La hora loca peruana

8 May

I think that this should be a part of every party:

My wedding isn’t going to be, well, that big. But ever since I’ve got my eyes open to that type of parties, last year at my sister-in-law’s wedding in Trujillo, I’ve wanted that too. Since we don’t want to spend a lot of money we’re making one of our own. And it’s not going to be 100% Peruvian. Since I’m from the land of vikings (or so do people think) the gentlemen will be given viking helmets and for the ladies we’ll give antifaces inca. Just during that hour.

I’m really excited! And it’s going to be a lot of fun. If you will be attending to a Peruvian wedding this will be what to expect.

What a day!

7 May

Don't be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better."

It’s almost officially summer even in Denmark. Well, the snow and cold have finally gone. And when the temperature’s reaching 15 degrees, people are melting. And so am I. Well today is the day of miracles. The temperature has reached 20 degrees.

Well, today I’ve had a busy day. I went to an interview for a job in Copenhagen. And of course I really do not have any clue of how to take public transit if I don’t know the place. And it’s getting worse when I have to change the public transit before reaching my destination. And of course I need to call and tell them that I’ll be 5 minutes late.

And the typical moment when I’m trying to find my ticket in my too-big-bag my phone is ringing. Now, this is a real stress situation for me! But apparently today is my lucky day because tomorrow I’ll be going to another job interview!

When the interview was over I really did think that it would be easier to go back, but it wasn’t really because I didn’t know where to get off the bus. So brilliant I am! (Read: NOT!) The miracles aren’t over just yet. Before I reach my door steps my phone is ringing. Again. I’m one of these “forever”-alone types. People don’t call me very often. So when they do I totally stress out.

And eventually, after two months, my suitcases have arrived. All my lovely Primark clothes. And later there probably arrive a bill. Which I cannot pay before next month. I actually was wondering why the have arrived so fast. They were picked up in Barcelona just yesterday.

But I feel so happy to see my stuff again!

Becoming a Bridezilla

28 Apr

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I don’t think it’s too early to become a bridezilla. Because it’s exactly what’s happening to me! Well there are 9 months left and we have a lot of things to do since we’re currently not in the same country. But E and I are talking of who to invite. Since the ceremony is at the municipalidad de Trujillo, I wasn’t expecting something really big. Something special, yes. But in Las Americas they do everything really big.

And I should have kept that in mind. So E tells me the names of the people he wants to invite. I was expecting like 12-15 people. This aftenoon he tells me: Oh, I have 3 aunts and 2 uncles and their partner, my two friends from my study group… And my sister probably be there too, and I hope that my mom also will be able to come. Well I guess it’s fair enough to invite your closest family in an occasion like this. But honestly I don’t see why we should invite his too many uncles. Do we look like we’re having too much money? I’m saving up, so hard, and I know that I’ll be spending a bit on the wedding etc. But I think that we should stick to what we first planned; just those 12-15 people. The more people there will be there, the more awkward it will be for me. And sadly my family won’t be there. But I want to make it a special day for the two of us, but I really can’t see why we should invite so many people that only he knows. I’m not even sure of his relationship with those people. I honestly don’t have a clue of how to deal with the risk of an awkward wedding day.

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Getting married

26 Apr

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E hasn’t proposed officially. But it’s more like we have agreed that this is what we want. I’m really excited, and we’re beginning to plan our special day. We can’t afford to have a big party and the ceremony will be held at the municipal in Trujillo. Even for me it sounds cynical to get married to get permission to stay in the country, but for me there is one reason: it’s the easiest thing to do. For both of us. Before I leave Denmark in December I’ll have to make sure to have all my papers ready for the wedding. Besides I need to get them translated by the Peruvian authorities.

We are thinking of getting married in January 2014, since it’s summer in Peru. We’ll be inviting some friends for dinner. We don’t know the exact date yet. 9 months to go! And I’m really excited!

A word or two about Denmark

8 Apr

Yes, Indeed!

Well, I’ve noticed that I don’t talk so much about my own country, Denmark on the blog. Thinking that there isn’t probably much to say about how it is to be from this Scandinavian country. Wondering if I actually could say something more interesting than how unpredictable the weather is here. With a risk of being accused of not loving enough my own country, I just want to make things clear that I don’t expect other Danes to understand my need to be living abroad.

You’ve probably guessed it. I’m not really a nationalist. I consider myself more as someone who questions the things related to the society. People may say I should rather be grateful to recieve money from the state. I should be grateful that I have had so many things. I can always go see a doctor for free. I have access to free education. Just stop there. Who the heck said that it was free to study at the University of Copenhagen? Because it’s not. Well I know that people also may say I should be grateful of being able to get money while studying. Well the rate is high. I admit for some groups in the society is TOO high. I have never been able to get that amount of money while studying in high school since I was living in a foster care. The thing is mostly of my generation in high school who still live with their parents and get money from the state and actually HAVE A JOB? Why do you need to get money from the state? Oh, so you can go to parties and we can keep our record in drinking! To afford a lifestyle that you wouldn’t be able to afford when you move from your parents. I get it. (Sarcasm).

So my generation is really spoiled. I admit it. But I honestly admire people from other countries to stand by the pride of who they are and to be kind of successful. I’m referring to Janteloven. Seriously what’s wrong with our society, Denmark? That we teach our children to envy others. We are seriously living with a chronically low self esteem. We are afraid of what others are thinking about the choises we make in our lives. We pretend to be someone else. We always claim that we are so friendly. But sorry guys. Though you only will (may) see it if you are living abroad. We are not really friendly towards foreigners. And how can we be that when we allow our society to be ruled by politicians who don’t want them in our country. Sometimes I really can be ashamed about being from Denmark. And I honestly don’t think that is how it is supposed to be.

I’m kind of beginning to think that us, Danes, have becomed slaves of our own society. We are paying so much in taxes. And then we claim it to be a part of having our welfare-system. Or at least we pretend. (Which we are really good at.)



The in-laws Incident

6 Apr

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be moving to Peru in December. But I can already tell that it’s not going to happen without drama. Though there still are 8 months left I’m busy saving up and prepare things. I still need my suitcases from Spain, and when they arrive I’m planning to really go through my stuff. I realised that I cannot have so many things when I go to Peru. But I’m completely sure of that is what I want. Then I have to go to Sweden to clear things out about the paper work  and stuff. And I need a visa, since I’m going for more than 3 months. So I suppose it’s time to get things done. And then we have been talking about getting married, but also I can tell that this won’t happen without drama from my family in-law, and then South America is known for their lovely bureaucracy. Just read sarcasm. Then comes the translation of my birth certificate and an examination at the doctor. This could be quite an adventure.

But I’m so nervous. This morning I read something on Facebook that I actually wish I didn’t read. After some incidents in Peru and Spain with my boyfriend’s mom and sister, I really do feel that I don’t need them to be around me. But then again. I’ll be staying in my mother in-law’s house in Trujillo. At least for a while. About the comment on Facebook which was from my sister in-law who told that she’ll probably go to Peru around New Year, made my mood from bad to fatal! Since they don’t like me for sure, I’m scared of their reaction. My mother-in-law doesn’t know that I’ll be moving to Peru. She thinks that I’ll be going on a vacation for two months. But my boyfriend says that we don’t have to tell them. I think that he’s probably right. But I’m use to that I can tell people the things as they are. But don’t ever do that to South American women. They’re going to think that you’re weird.

My boyfriend and I also have plans for New Year’s Eve. Already! Well since it’s summer in Peru, we will go to spend it on the beach with some friends. I hope that he’ll tell his sister. Since I don’t want to spend it with her. Really. I don’t want to be around people who don’t like me and besides behave like when we’re good enough then it’s OK. But when we don’t do it their way, they are like teenagers. So I’m going to tell my boyfriend what I think about it. Normally he doesn’t like to talk about these things about his family. But I think it’s just fair that I tell him how I feel about it. And I can only hope that he’ll support me. Just tell me this: Why should I ever give my keys to someone who doesn’t live in the apartment, and I’ve paid for them? No way. If she wants keys to her mother’s apartment, then she could go talk to her mother and pay for her own keys. Just saying. Really it isn’t a big deal. But they make it to something big and I don’t understand why she did get mad at me for… well… keys.  And a telephone incident. Haha

To be honest I don’t think that it’s possible to get a worse family in-law. And what they’ve done to me, mostly things they said to me, I don’t really think that it’s going to work out with them.

Going abroad once again…

3 Apr

So I’ve decided to go abroad once again. Though Spain still is an unexplored adventure for me, I’m not going back to Spain. But I have got the chance to live in Peru. Like for real. So I’m going in December. I know I wrote in another post on  the blog that I’d be saving up for going two months to Peru. So it’s time to get some planning going and save up a lot of money. I don’t know where to begin, but I’m so excited. Also I know that my last trip to Peru was a failure. But my boyfriend and I have decided that we aren’t going to tell anything to his mother. I know she’s going to dislike me even more than she already does.

But somehow I feel a bit guilty that I want to travel that much. I guess it’s because of I already know the reactions from my family. What about the University, they’ll be asking. What about healthcare? What about money, a job?  Guys, just take it easy. Europe and especially not Denmark is the world. It’s healthy to travel. Besides I see how Danes really think about the foreign countries. And I’m not trying to hide that I’m quite disappointed.

And something I really want to say to those people from my family who think that I’m stupid that I want to live abroad is this: I know it wasn’t the best decision to go to Spain, but I’m glad that I did. Because it was awesome in so many ways. But you’ll never be able to imagine because you’ve never tried it.


Furthermore I truly believe that something’s wrong with our society here in Europe. And somehow it’s one of those many things I don’t like about my own country; we’re all have to be so busy. Study and work have becomed our lives. We’re like zombies. We’re raised to believe that it’s how to live our live. I know that education is really important. But for me it seems that the life, if you have money of course, in Southamerica is so less complicated than in Europe. Something I think we should learn from. I’m kind of feeling like a slave from the Danish society. I want to make my life interesting and different and not feeling guilty that I want to see the world. So don’t tell me that I have to be busy. In my opinion you can never be too old to study. Or is it actually possible? I don’t want to be busy, only busy with living life. Maybe some will say in 20 or 30 years: You’re so lucky that you had the oppotunity to  live abroad and travel. Some people already told me that, but clearly not from my family. And myself? I’m so jalous of people who travel more than I do. And that’s why I read about the adventures of those people on their blogs.

In the moment I’m really inspired by this blog, Streets of Lima. You should go and read it! I’m also trying to get inspired by the food (I know I’m fuzzy about it!) . Maybe when I move to Peru, I’ll change the name of this blog to Las Calles de Trujillo (The Streets of Trujillo). Haha. I’ll be dreaming of becoming the next Danish expat in Trujillo, Peru!

At last, if you had an opportunity to live abroad, would you do it? Are you currently living abroad? And what’s your experience?

I still need…

3 Apr

MY SUITCASES! It’s a long story. It’s a bit expensive but I need to send them back to Denmark since my suitacases contain almost all of my clothes.

Where it all begins… El Prat, Airport, Barcelona the 7th of March 2012. And this was pretty much what I looked like:

When they told me that I couldn’t have all my 3 suitcases with me. And I had actually paid for all of them. What made me really mad was the 7 months earlier they had told me other things about how much luggage I could have been taking with me when I wen to Spain.

I don’t know for sure if it was because of that I had arrived a bit too late. But I almost didn’t got back to Denmark because of it. And so stupid they are… True that not even the airport staff in Barcelona speak English. WTF? Though I do speak Spanish and wasn’t a big deal, but still shocking.

So I ran like this…


Through the security control and all the way to the gate. Slipping in my jacket and sweating like a pig. And tears running down the face.  And people starring at me, and some of them shouting, ¡Corre! ¡Corre!

It was my most awkward airport experience. Like. Ever.

Have you had an awkward airport experience? 

Where has my courage gone?

1 Apr

Seriously. It’s not good if I keep changing my plans. I am confused. But I’m confused because I know what people would think about the choises that I make. I really feel that going back to Denmark was a huge mistake. Well it kind of gets on my nerves that people (from my family) told me that it would be better to go back to Denmark because of work, money and education. I see their point of view, I do. But here I am. Almost a month has passed and I have only been with the one of my sisters, whom I live with. And I thank her for helping me out, since I don’t have anything. In other words, I don’t feel that I can trust the people who told me that they would help me somehow and when I arrive, they seem to be invisible in my life. What I wanted was seeing the world, they told me I could do that after finishing University. Well I could. I could also pack my suitcases once again and go abroad.

I don’t know what’s wrong with people. They don’t understand how I feel about being home. They pretend to be so happy that I’m back. But I feel melancholy about being home. Maybe because I feel that Spain is an unfinished adventure, yet to explore. Nor do they understand how awesome it is to live abroad. Well, just to be clear, I don’t hate Denmark. There are a lot of things that I like. I just don’t like live here. And how can I ever get another Dane to understand that? I don’t think it’s possible.

The thing is that my plan was to start study at the University of Copenhagen this september. My brain says that it’s best. But my heart is not convinced. I feel that I should go wherever my heart takes me. And since I’ve lost it to “that someone special” who lives in Peru right now. (Since we couldn’t be more time in Spain). In other words, my heart says that I should go to Peru. But people keep telling that it’s wrong. There is no education in a country like that, too much crime and so on. I should ask them if they ever been there. Because they haven’t. And yes, I’m being aware that this sounds really naive. But I can’t help it. Really. I wonder where my courage has gone? My courage to stand up for myself and take a decision.

A Saving Up-project

31 Mar

images (19)

Well, since I’m back in Denmark I can start saving up to go on a new trip. I’m thinking of going to Peru for two months in December, just around Christmas. But it is kind of a project to go back home, looking for a job and start saving up for a new adventure. The thing is that just like Spain, though it isn’t so bad as in Spain, it’s difficult to get a job even in Denmark. So right now I’m having some help from the municipal, but it really sucks. So in the moment I’m looking for something, well anything. Right now I’m working for free, yup I have to just to get money from the municipal. It’s so complicated. Really. And I don’t like the place where I’m working. Luckily it’s “only” for 4 weeks. But then, the municipal was supposed to give me money, since they can’t even help me with an appartment. I’m just curious why they haven’t even given me the half of what I “thought” I was supposed to be given. I’m lot even able to pay for getting back my suitcases and pay my rent for the room I’m having at my sister.

But as I wrote in a post for a long time ago, I’m going to give Peru a second chance. Since my last trip was a huge failure in so many ways. And furthermore still have so many problems with my family-in-law. (I don’t think it actually can get any worse!!) I’ve just forgiven my mother-in-law for what she did to me in Peru (yes, I know I’m pretty slow on that point), and when she was claiming that I was going to cheat on her son… And then she freaking tells me that I’m destroying her son’s life. It does not make any sense. And I know something else like that will be coming up next time.

But anyway, I’m looking forward to go to Peru, and YES I might be very optimistic but I believe that I’m able to save up for Peru. It’s actually not that expensive.. So who knows? Maybe this time I’ll be able to go and see the more intresting stuff. And I’m looking forward to spend my New Years Eve once again, ABROAD!


It has been too quiet around here…

26 Mar

Casas y Cosas 063

I know I haven’t been making any posts on this blog for maybe too long. I tried to start up something else, but that didn’t really work well for me. So I’m back on Adventures & Fairytales.

Well here’s just an update: I’ve left Spain. And I’m currently back in Denmark. In the cold north, with snow and rain and everything else to make it just Danish.

I’m still with my boyfriend, and I’m currently trying to save up a lot of money so I can finish 2013 traveling to Peru. That would be awesome!

I hope you guys are doing well, and will follow Adventures & Fairytales – in Denmark.

Super sweet blog award

5 Jan



This was pretty much what I looked like this morning when I read my mail, and a comment on the blog from a fellow blogger. To be more specific, http://curlyhairedwarrior.wordpress.com/. (Just give it a read, it’s hilarious!)

I’m not sure of what it really means to be nominated in a blog nor get awarded, but I’ll give it a try, answering the questions in this post, and I’ll be linking some fellow bloggers. I don’t know the blogger who has created the award.

Cookies or cake?

It’s a hard one. But I would say cookies. It may have something to do because I’m from Denmark… And they’re so much easier to make than a cake. I admit it, I’m really bad at making cakes. I’ll wait for my sister to bring them!

Chocolate or vanilla?

CHOCOLATE! But the combination is better. To be honest, I don’t eat much chocolate, but I actually never eat vanilla ice-cream. Always choosing chocolate. Also when it comes to cookies and cakes.

Favorite sweet treat?

Pancakes. Probably with a lots of nutella, and bananas. Or fruit and ice-cream. And then they have to be homemade. Spanish churros dipped in chocolate can also be a great alternative!

When do you crave sweet things the most?

When I don’t have any money to buy such things!

If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?

CLAUDE! (With French accent) Why? In the last year of my high school I had a teacher, a really awesome teacher who began to call me CLAUDE. Ever since everybody has been calling me it. But that’s OK. My family calls me Claudi.

My nominees are: 

1. Liz Carlson’s travel blog, youngadventuress.com

2. curlyhairedwarrior

3. Carl Fobe’s http://thattimein.com/

And the Rules are:
Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
Nominate other blogs for this award and let them know.
Post the award on your blog.
Answer the 5 questions

Los Reyes

3 Jan

I know that 2013 just has begun, but I’m actually already planning things to do for the couple of months. The blog will get some changes. As you may have noticed in my previous post I wrote in English and Spanish. I think I’m going to expand it furthermore with Danish.

Very soon, to be more specific about 3 days it’s Los 3 Reyes Magos. Which means that the entire community in Spain will basically be closed. I don’t think that I’m a pessimist, but I find it hard to get used to all those days “off”. Los Reyes better bring me a job!

Sé que el 2013 acaba de empezar pero ya estoy planificando unas cosas para hacer en los próximos meses que vienen. Este blog tendrá unos cambios. Seguramente vosotros ya os habéis dado cuenta que mi entrada anterior era en inglés y castellano. Creo que lo voy a expandir con mi idioma nativo, danés.

Muy pronto, para precisar, dentro de 3 días llegan los 3 Reyes Magos. Eso significa que casi toda España será básicamente “cerrada”. (Qué pesado!!) No me considero como una pesimista pues, pero lo que pasa es que me cuesta de verdad acostumbrarme a las tradiciones y días como estos. Espero que los Reyes me traígan un trabajo!


Jeg ved udemærket, at 2013 lige er startet, men jeg er i fuld gang med at planlægge, hvad jeg skal lave i løbet af de næste par måneder. Denne blog får lidt ændringer, og som I sikkert har lagt mærke til, har jeg i mit forrige indlæg skrevet både på engelsk og spansk – og nu tror jeg, at jeg vil udvide det med dansk.

Lige om lidt, eller for at være hel præcis, om 3 dage, er det Helligtrekonger. (Noget vi ikke fejre i DK). Dette betyder at hele Spanien vil være “lukket”. Det er rigtig, rigtig irriterende!! Jeg betragter mig ikke som en egentlig pessimist, men jeg har svært ved at vænne mig til alle disse helligdage. (Hvem sagde vi havde for mange helligdage i Danmark?!) De der hellige konger må i hvertfald meget gerne komme med et arbejde til mig!

2012 in photos

2 Jan

Well, to be honest I think that 2012 did pass too fast. For me it has been a year with so many memories, that so many great things have happened in my life. I would almost say that it has been the best year of my life, and I hope that 2013 will be at least as good or better!

La verdad es que pienso que el año 2012 ha pasado demasiado rápido. Para mí ha sido un año con tantas memorias, que tantas buenas cosas me han pasado. Que ha sido el mejor año de mi vida y espero que 2013 será tan bueno o superá el año pasado.



Lo hice! Terminé el instituto!

I graduated, June 2012!

I graduated, June 2012!



I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures! Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!

I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures!
Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!


Exploring a new culture and a new life in Barcelona, Spain!
Explorando una nueva cultura y una nueva vida en Barcelona, España!

IMG_2255 IMG_2251 - copia 582048_10151094590514766_2031182270_n 544506_10151086577609766_283087894_n 486209_10151348195334766_290756971_n 54202_10151331254119766_1540863859_o




Ceviche, a Peruvian dish! Tasting Peru before even getting there!
Ceviche, un plato peruano! Probando el sabor de Perú antes de haber estado allí!


Pollo a la brasa with my boyfriend!
Pollo a la brasa con mi novio!



Visit from France!
Visita de Francia!


To the wedding of my sister in law, Trujillo, Peru!
En la boda de mi cuñada, Trujillo, Perú!


In Trujillo they don’t have llamas! What a disappointment!
En Trujillo no hay llamas! Qué decepción!


In Ecuador, my life’s worst travel ever!
En Ecuador, en el peor viaje de mi vida!

318946_10151304148864766_1175902556_n 22324_10151304142464766_1886110602_n 527542_10151304151124766_297221809_n


New Year’s Eve in Barcelona!
Nochevieja en Barcelona!


I hope you also had an awesome year as I had. Looking forward to whatever 2013 may bring!

Espero que vosotros también habéis tenido un año maravilloso igual que yo. Alegrándome de las nuevas aventuras que vendrán en el 2013!

Nochebuena & Nochevieja

19 Dec

Well, ¡Feliz Navidad!

In Spain they call Christmas Eve, Nochebuena. As a Catholic country they have certain traditions. But I can already reveal that I’m not going to celebrate a typical Spanish Christmas, nor am I going to Denmark for the holiday. But… It doesn’t seem so bad after all. I’ve found out that I had some money to go get some special food. I’ve also planned what I am going to eat for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The fact is that Los Tres Reyes Magos is more important than Christmas itself.

With this I’m actually saying that I really miss Denmark. So, what can I do? I’m going to eat duck – with a touch of Denmark! And New Year’s Eve I’m going to eat fondue. And I’m not going to forget the champagne. For me these ocasions are so important, and these traditions I’ve learned from when I was little. But I’ll try to mix it with a Peruvian touch.

Hunting marcipan

I didn’t know that if was SO impossible to find marcipan in Spain. I’ve asked different places, but they all showed me what I wasn’t looking for. So… luckily I’ve read in the Internet about homemade marcipan. I’ve bought what I needed to make my New Year-cake, so now we’ll see how it’ll turn out. I’m so excited!

Tomorrow I’ll go back to La Boquería to buy the duck, and friday, the best part: I’ll go to Merca Barna to pick up my Asti Spumante!

2012 has been a very special year for me, so I’ll try to finish it with style, and of course enter 2013 with good memories and STYLE!

And I honestly believe that food really makes the mood!

images (1)  Juleand




images Nochevieja is New Year’s Eve. What can I say? Somehow I love it, somehow it’s sad. One more year has passed, and together we look back at all the memories. Looking forward to make some news in the year to come. For once in my life I have no clue what the new year will bring.

How do you celebrate Christmas and New Years’s Eve? And where you from?

¡Feliz Navidad! y ¡Próspero Año Nuevo! Bon Nadal i Prósper Any Nou! Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Part II: Confessions in Sants-Mont Juïc

16 Dec

Sants is a district/neighbourhood in Barcelona situated very close to L’eixample, Montjuïc and Plaça Espanya. Furthermore it leads to Hospitalet d’Llobregat, which is another city, actually the second largest city of Catalonia. Just be careful, they don’t put up signs; suddenly you’re outside Barcelona. In formal speech the Sants district includes Montjuïc. For those who haven’t been in Barcelona yet, Montjuïc is a mountain. There is a museum, a castle, the Olympic stadium and a lot of other things to see. It has an incredible view, depends of where you are standing on Montjuïc you’ll be able to see Hospitalet d’Llobregat, the Mediterranean Sea or just Barcelona.




I’ve been told that to live near Sagrada Familia is cheaper than Sants. But I must say that though Sants is not a neighbourhood where things are happening, like for an example, the Rambla, I enjoy its tranquility. Ohh, I almost forgot to mention Estació Sants. Goes directly to the Airport in Prat de Llobregat. So easy! But the truth is that there are tourists here, you just don’t spot them often as in the Rambla. I guess it’s more attractive to stay there (I won’t recommend it), than to stay in a district like Sants. I also may confess that the restaurants are better in Sants, or actually there are more bars than restaurants. Restaurants you’ll find in L’eixample or Barri Gótic. In Barri Gótic it’s actually a bit cheaper, but as you probably may already know, it depends of the place and the food.


DSC_0245 DSC_0246 DSC_0247


3 Cities & 3 Languages

15 Dec


In the moment I feel like obsessed with particular one city in Europe. It’s like a “Must-see”-city. But I’ve never been there yet. As the title says there are actually 3 of them. Just in particular one I’m obsessed with. Also I’m kind of nerd. I would love to add 3 more languages to my list. As in one of my previous posts I’m learning Catalan. And right now you may be thinking of what cities and languages I’m talking about. What city would have my next adventure, or which part of the world, I can’t tell yet. Or what language will be the next I’ll be struggling with.

“It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, we’re always in other places, lost, like sheep.” janet frame.

To be honest I don’t know where I’m going in this world. I left my home country, I live in Spain. And I’m realising that I don’t want to live in Spain for the rest of the life. So as Janet Frame says, I’d rather be like a lost sheep. But then again, where do I want to live? The world is huge and filled with opportunities. You just have to grab them! But I would lie if I said that I didn’t love Spain and Barcelona. I love the language, the history.

3 languages I’d love to learn

And with this, you’ll probably see where this is going. The languages have in some point something to do with the places where I want to go, maybe live.

3. Italian. Somehow I think it’s a funny language. Maybe I’ll go Rome to live someday or an Italian village, having Italian wine and eating spaghetti till I die!

2.Portuguese. To be honest I’ve been dying to learn Portuguese! I know I could go to Portugal… or maybe go to Brazil, exploring the Amazonas, dancing Samba, go to the beach everyday!

1.French. I actually never thought that I’d be saying French. I must admit that I was pretty skeptic about French. To be honest maybe just testing if it’s true what people say about the language. Is it really more sexy than Spanish? I assume it is. I guess that I’m just saying it now when I live in Spain.


3 cities I’d love to visit

3. I would difinitely go back to London! (Maybe villages in England could be interesting too!)

2.Some village in Southern France, more specific Provence! (Drinking wine, eating fromage and bread!)

1.Paris! Of course! I’m not much of a fashionista though. But as written previously in this post, it’s a “Must-see”-city. I’m already thinking of those french words I know, in my head it sounds good, probably not in real life. Paris is difinitely mon amour in the moment!


I will just quickly recommend a blog. I love Liz Carlson’s travel blog, and if you’re looking for travel inspiration or just want to read a great blog, this is the perfect place!

Finally some good news

13 Dec

Well, yesterday Inditex called me for an interview! OMG I was actually able to have a conversation in Spanish over the phone. So this morning I went excited to Carrer Pelayo. Seeing all these other people going for an interview kind of made me nervous. To be honest I don’t know how to feel about Inditex. I’ve heard people talk bad about the company, but I think that whatever happens, I’ll have to take the risk and accept (almost) all kind of job I’ll get offered. And to be honest, sales assistant in a shop can’t be that bad.

As said I was so excited for the interview. I would almost say that I started the morning getting breakfast in the local bakery, just one street away. (It’ll happens if you forget to buy milk!) Grabbing a croissant, straight to the metro, and right to Carrer Pelayo from Catalunya. Somehow I prefer the mornings in Barcelona. It’s like that the sky (actually always blue), tells me what I can expect of the city the rest of the day. To be honest, and I’m probably just saying this because I’ve lived 19 years in a Nordic country (Denmark), the winter is like spring in Barcelona!


So when I arrived, and stepped into the building. I was so nervous, not of making mistakes (just a bit!) but not to be able to speak. I thought that saying anything would be better than saying nada. But the young woman, I’d rather call all people working in Inditex for fashionistas, just gave me a pen, a paper to fill out. And at last we all went into another room to… ehm… more or less  it was like a meeting. The fashionista helped us filling out the document, and she briefly interviewed us one by one, in front of all the other people. I was like… “what if I’m not able to speak?!” But luckily I had put myself together and just answered the questions in Spanish. She actually asked me for how long I’d been living in Spain. Like almost 5 months. But by this I would say that I’m more than ready to have a job. Speak some more Spanish.


Just happening to me?!

I must say, that I feel quite persecuted by sellers on the street. They are trying to sell me books in the metro. This afternoon I kind of felt bad for the seller. I laughed him right in his face, saying that the other day I met his friend. And what else… ahh.. people from different organisations, you know, just like UNICEF. I just made it clear that I don’t have a work, no one in my apartment has a work in the moment! (Indirectly: I would never pay 12 euros at month!) Or like the other day, a friendly lady (SELLER), went to my building, and of course my apartment, trying to sell us butane!

About the sellers on the street that somehow I always run into, only happens when I’m alone!

Anyway, finally some good news, and I hope that Inditex will call me for another interview! I need this job, and I don’t care if I have to work 40 hours at week, I need the money!

I have a plan…

10 Dec

And I’m not really sure of what letter in the alphabet my plan has. I need to realise the real world. Spain IS just not my place anyway. Things aren’t just going bad out on the streets, but the situation is affecting my personal life. Which is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging so much these days. You probably recognise that if you aren’t at your best (that happens more than once in life) you have a period with a lack of inspiration. And I must say that I’m in a period with lack of… pretty much everything.

I’m sure the main reason is that I’m unemployed. I’m constantly fighting with my mother-in-law. If things are getting worse, I need to leave Spain. These days I spend going out looking for a job (not enough looking in the Internet). Somehow my mother-in-law really thinks that I’m like a robot. She dictates the places to go… wait… she dictates everything! My few friendships I’ve got and so on. I can’t stand her. And now it has come to a point after another situation, that I must think of myself. I have to leave if I can’t get a job so I can get another apartment in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, I need to focus on getting a job. I’ve also made a conclusion:

If I haven’t got a job by March or April, I leave Spain and return to Denmark. (Gosh, it was really weird to put that down in words!)

That moment when I…

4 Dec

realise that Spain doesn’t have my future. When I ask myself do I want to study here? The answer is clearly no. Things have gone from bad to worse, and I can’t help that everyday I hate more and more the government. The EU. Economy and just the word crisis. So what to do? I guess that I need to (still) get a job, earn some money and get away before Rajoy turns out to be a new dictator. (Who the **** did vote for him?!)


Where will I be going? Well, before making wild plans that I can’t efford, I’ll have to be sure. But I can tell you that I won’t go back to Denmark. I’m about to do a break up with Barcelona, not my boyfriend. But I have to do things more right this time than when I decided to move to Spain. I have to wait at least one year. I need to think about which country can give me the best opportunities. And together with my boyfriend.

To be honest this may sound that I’ve given up my dreams. But I haven’t, if I had I had left Spain months ago. But the fact is that I have to realise that even though that I love Spain and I am crazy about Barcelona, I can’t see any future here. I thought I could, but as I said things have gone from bad to worse. And it won’t stop until they change the government. So sad to announce that it won’t happen in at least 3 years.

After only 5 months in Spain… I’m so frustrated that there’s nothing to do but wait. Let’s see what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll have a job tomorrow. Maybe never.

t estimo

It was expected

2 Dec


That Rajoy wouldn’t keep his promises he made to win the election in Spain the 11th of December last year. Honestly I don’t think that Spain will be able to survive that much longer with a politic such as the PP’s. I think it’s way more complicated than what people think. Something is going to change. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be the government. I think we should go further and say that Germany needs to be changed. No more Merkel, no more Rajoy. As I’ve indicated in a previous entry I don’t like the PP. I mean… I hate everything about that party. To it’s politicians. And as they predict in the papers around Europe, 2013 will not be any easier. Though we are in crisis, people don’t need to suicide. People need education because it’s the future, and we need to invest. The other day I read, don’t forget that I’m being quite critical; the economy in the States isn’t too good either. Which definitely affects Europe.

The crisis is being a success!

The crisis is being a success!


Now, I wonder why Germany did give so many money to Greece. It’s like saying: You can always “borrow” money, we know you’ll never be able to pay back, but we’ll always stand by you”. In my opinion we should throw Greece out of the EU. Besides, we know that the Greek Government never will change. I think that the EU doesn’t throw Greece out because of the politicians who are trying to save the rest of a political victory.

So what about Spain? In my opinion the EU will not be able to survive without Spain. But the people here are desperate. And we can all write signs saying that we need to see actions and so on. The thing is that Rajoy and his people don’t give a damn. The king… don’t get me started! He is allowed to play a political role, but my question for him would be: Do you like to see your own country like this?

And what comes to the EU.. I have no words left for it. But I guess it’s what we can expect…


And I found this Facebook page (in Spanish), which I like because of its propaganda. Sometimes its content can be a bit over the top:

Por un País Libre de CoruPPtos y sin Rajoy. (For a country free of coruPPtion and without Rajoy).


Meanwhile in Denmark…

2 Dec

It did actually snow! Honestly I didn’t expect that. And I didn’t think that I would miss it when I moved to Spain. But I do.  Luckily I’m so addicted to Facebook that I’m able to follow my family in Denmark. I know that it has also been snowing in some parts of Spain. But it doesn’t snow in Barcelona. So I have to look at the precious landscapes of Denmark through photos, become more sad that I’m not able to make galletas … through photos.

As I mentioned in my last entry I did make my first away-from-home-decoration! I just forgot to upload a photo. And for an update, my candle is as usually behind! Haven’t reached the 1st of December yet! So, here’s some photo of what people in Denmark will be doing this month !


Sooo delicious!

Sooo delicious!


I haven’t taken these photos myself, but they’re from some family members. And just the forgotten photo:


What do you do in December in your country? And how do you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


Wait… It’s getting cold in Barcelona!?

30 Nov

Sitting here in my small apartment with a glass of rosado from Rioja, freezing my ****! Admitting that it’s getting colder, that the season is about to change… like tomorrow! And also here in Barcelona. This week I have felt that 14ºC can be really cold, tasted REAL Spanish churros, Christmas market, been more aware of how much Spain’s government sucks… and since Christmas is just around the corner and I missed Denmark way too much, I made a little decoration. My first away-from-home-decoration! It’s actually really nice considering that I bought the things to make it at the Chinese in Sants. But it definitely works for me.

But I’ve also realised after some cheap, Spanish chocolate with churros in Barri Gótic that I really have to change my spots once in a while. I just can’t help that I’ve fallen totally for Barri Gótic.

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

To get warmed up, I went to Barri Gótic…

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros... I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I'll go to Santa Clara any time!

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros… I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I’ll go to Santa Clara any time!

Dat Churros!

Dat Churros!

After, I went out.. and guess what I discovered: a Christmas market! I actually didn’t know that there was any of that kind of stuff here, and it isn’t that special if you compares it with the German Christmas markets! But it was nice. (Btw, if you’re round Barcelona this Winter, you’ll now be able to go ice-skating in Plaça Catalunya!)

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven't felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven’t felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

So, it’s just time to get the big coat on, and go out there and enjoy the last month of 2012. Whether you live in Barcelona or another city! You can see more photos from the last week of November!

Random experience in a Spanish post office

28 Nov

Just don’t ask me why I just now (after 4 months living in Spain), went to a post office. Honestly, it’s pretty logic why. But the thing is… in many shops in Spain you cannot pay with credit cards if the amount is less than 10 euros! I think I’m pretty much addicted to that Visa. Besides I have two bank accounts; in Denmark (which I use most) and here in Spain. Usually I never extract money and especially not in other countries, it can be really expensive. Which reminds me that tomorrow, when I’m going to check up on my account, I’ll do it probably with eyes closed.

So, you’ve probably guessed that I had to extract money. 20 euros. (I just have to say that the money wasn’t mine, but I had to buy/send something for a family member). I went back and paid. And I kind of felt guilty there. Also kind of pissed, because I couldn’t pay with the credit card.. Pretty-awesome-kind-of-awkward-experience in a Spanish post office! And the time, you realise that you need to look better what the sign says..

Have you ever tried something similar? 

Part I: Getting lost in Barri Gótic

27 Nov

I’ve wanted for quite a while now making a series about different parts of Barcelona. Probably there have been many bloggers to write about those neighbourhoods, but I don’t think that adventures & fairytales should be any exception. I mean, it’s about life in Barcelona, the way I see it. Well, to be honest I have my favorite barrios in Barcelona, but the thing about Barcelona is that it’s a city which actually still tells an ancient story about the past while gone modern.

Barri Gótic. In my opinion the most charming barrio of Barcelona. When you walk into the barrio, it’s like entering another era. Maybe I have read to many books about Spain’s and Catalunya’s history, I can definitely recommend Ildefonso Falcones’ “La Mano de Fatima” and “La Catedral del Mar”. Especially “La Catedral del Mar” is quite interesting if you like me, find the history of Barcelona fascinating.


To be honest I prefer Barri Gótic way more than La Rambla. It has shops you don’t find else where in the city. Though it really has its charm, the most Gothic pearls in Barcelona are just outside Barri Gótic. But it’s definitely a must to see. Getting lost there will be no problem! They say that it’s the heart of Barcelona. The Generalitat is situated in Plaça Sant Jaume, and the Dom, Catedral de Barcelona is also situated really close to Sant Jaume. If you want to get inspired otherwise, there a lots of museums in the barrio. From Federico Marés to the History of Barcelona.


I think it deserves to be mentioned; if you want to be really cool and try out some really Catalan culture, you should definitely go to Sant Jaume, in front of the Catedral on Sundays !


If you want to see other Cathedrals you’ll have to go to the Barrio Ribera, which is situated next to Barri Gótic!


Have you been in Barcelona? Which barrio you like most? 

A aprendre Catalá!

27 Nov

Time to get started with Catalan! Just about time. I always like to give myself a new challenge by learning a new language. The reason… well, I live in Barcelona, which is reason enough. The fact that I speak Spanish helps, but I think that pronunciation is going to give me a bit trouble though.

I think that it is important to learn the “local” language. In this case it’s Spanish AND Catalan. It’s an important part to get integrated. It can also be a bit frustrating because sometimes Spanish is not enough in Catalunya. In the other hand, I recognise the problem of integration also from Denmark. And I don’t want to be that part. So I have to get rid of all negative thoughts and just learn. Also the fact that for me it has always been easy to learn a new language. So Catalan will be no exception! (I’m kind of looking forward to be able to change the number from 3 to 4!!)

I really wanted to go to have classes and meet other people. (I know that I can have classes for free). But in the end I decided to borrow some books at the library and get started. I think that teaching yourself something can be better than a class. I mean, you can just take your time learning! But the negative thing about it is that if you have questions or doubts, there will be no teacher. I guess it depends of the way you like to learn.



The more that I open this book, the more crazy I think I am!


Incredible! I actually managed to find a Danish – Catalan dictionary!



So… A aprendre Catalá!

Does solidarity exist in the EU?

26 Nov

This entry is part two of a series about Spain’s situation, España actual. Yesterday I wrote about the election in Catalunya.  I was kind of surprised when I heard this morning that Artur Mas will continue as president. But I really think that it’s better than the PP. And I find it incredibly hard to understand why the PP accuses Artur Mas for failing. I mean, take a look at Spain. It’s situation has gone from bad to worse with Rajoy as president!


And as an answer to the title, I don’t think that solidarity exist in the EU!

You’ve probably guessed it… I’m not Conservative. I think that the government of Spain is running away from its responsibility together with the rest of the EU. I try to be really critical about what I’m watching in the news. But as the Spaniards say them self, things are getting worse for every day that passes.

I’m not sure if there actually exists any solution to the crisis in the EU. It’s not only about the economy, but also the political. No one can agree and countries such as Denmark (so embarrassing), England and Germany only want discount in the budget! In other words they don’t think that the crisis in Spain is their problem. It sounds a bit morbid, but I would somehow love to see for example Germany and Denmark in the same situation as Spain. What would they do to fix it?

And it’s pretty clear that the money which hopefully is going to save Southern Europe, is also money which is impossible to pay back. We’ve seen it with Greece. Not only once but 4-5 times.

What do you think the EU should do? Will the EU be able to exist without Spain? Are you agree with what Rajoy is doing, and do you think that Artur Mas is the right winner of the Catalan election? And how do you think “Independence” will impact the EU?

Independence to Catalunya?

25 Nov


Tomorrow the Catalans are going to vote in regional election. I’m actually pretty excited! To know the result. I mean, the other day I was pretty shocked after knowing the result in Galicia. Somehow it’s really hard to understand why people who pretty much hate the government go vote for their party? It will furthermore lead to the debate of independence of Catalunya. It’s kind of hard to predict the consequenses though. We have to remember this: Tourism is a very important part of Spain. Catalunya pretty much saves the rest of Spain every year with tourism. And Catalunya is one of the richest regions in Spain. If you know a bit of Spain’s history, Catalunya does NOT includes it before around 1714!


But I’m also pretty sure that the current president of the generalitat, Artur Mas, not will continue. Whatsoever the slogan of the PP doesn’t make any sense to what the minister of education, José Wert, has said: that for example Catalunya needs to be españolizada. (To me sounds like Franco!) The slogan of the PP is: Catalunya sí, España también (Catalonia yes, also Spain). It sounds like tolerance to me, and I really think that people should be able to be Spanish or Catalan without people are discriminating each other. Somehow it also sounds like a lie to win votes. Well, it really isn’t any new that the politicians are lying. The point is that it’s pretty obvious after Wert’s less lucky comment. Rather where the party stands.


I find it pretty incredible that no one is able in Spain at this moment to accept or respect each other. Also the fact that the independence of Catalunya, rather the debate, is making people and the policians forget ANY solution of the crisis. The ability to think more reasonable. Also when the the governments all over the European Union have been meeting this week in Brussels.. for what exactly?! To talk about descounts in the European budget! Pretty ridiculous if you ask me. I mean, we need to have some sort of solution, but though I’m quite critical about news on the Internet, I’m unable to see any poltical nor economic solution.



As said, I’m very excited to get to know the results of the Catalan election, though yet I’m not able to see any solution nor independence!

Christmas has (almost) arrived

22 Nov

Soon it’s christmas. Actually no big deal. The facts are very simple: I have no money and I’m not going back to Denmark for the holiday. The Danish christmas is the best. I love Spain and many of its traditions and holidays. But I would always prefer the Danish christmas. Though I don’t have any money, the streets are helping me getting in the right mood for christmas and New Year’s Eve. The lights hanging around buildings are so colourful. Shops are selling typical Spanish food for christmas, gifts and so on. Signs saying: Bon Nadal (Merry Christmas in Catalan).

I’m not really sure if I’m going to miss the snow. But definitely the chance of it. I know that it has already been snowing in Northern Spain, and there is also a chance of snow in Catalunya and outside Barcelona. It’s pretty unlikely that it will happen in the center of Barcelona. The thing is that for me it can get a bit difficult to have a traditional Spanish christmas since the people I live with aren’t Spaniards.

Actually I don’t expect that my family will send me presents or christmas cards. Though today I have recieved my first letter from Denmark, while I have been living in Spain. It really made my day!

How do you celebrate Christmas? And from where are you?

No entiendo…

19 Nov

My favorite phrase in Spanish. But the fact is that I really do understand what they say. But it’s also a fact that it can be pretty intimidating to speak a foreign language. In the beginning I panicked for no reason and of the simple thought of talking to a Spaniard. Today, almost 4 months later, a lot of television and some experiences I finally feel ready to open my mouth and… well just talk. Besides it’s also an essential thing if you want to have any chance of getting a job.

  Matter in fact I don’t really have any ideas of what I can do to improve my Spanish. I mean, I have   everything I probably could have to practise. I think somehow it’s a shame that I have got used to the Latinamerican accent, which difinitely has been the reason of why I have found it so hard to understand the Spaniards. I should probably go out way more with my Spanish friend. Or just to get the local spirit! What have you guys done to improve your Spanish?

  After have been studying Spanish for 6-7 years, I would say that I speak it well. But as an uncle of mine once said: you’re actually just about to learn the language. All I can say is that he’s right! But I don’t think that those 6-7 years have been wasted. I just have to open my mouth… and SPEAK!

Tapas everywhere…

18 Nov

Well, yesterday I went to a tapas bar situated very close to where I live in Barcelona. As many probably already know, Barcelona can be pretty touristic, especially Plaça Catalunya, the Rambla and Barceloneta. I live in Sants which is very close to Mont Juïc and Plaça Espanya. It’s not very touristic, which I like. And which means that pretty much all restaurants only have their menus in Spanish and Catalan.

Though you have to know Barcelona really well if you want to eat in the center of the city and if you want a local experience. But I recommend Carrer de Válencia in L’Eixample. There are loads of restaurants with food from different parts of the world. But it’s also possible to find some of the best local restaurants in this area of Barcelona.

Yesterday I tasted the best sangría I’ve ever tasted. And it was actually pretty cheap! 6 euros for 1 liter. And it was made the right way. Semi-dry wine, with apples, orange and sugar. ¡Buenísimo!  It’s pretty hard to find a good sangría. And to a good price. Once I paid 10 euros for a sangría I could buy in the supermarket for not even 2 euros.

What I ordered was basically tapas. Olivas Sevillanas, sort of spicy olives. Broquetas, chicken and veggies. Croquetas con jamón, I’m not really sure of how to describe it in English, but it’s totally recommendable! So I’m going to try new tapas along the road. And if you know a place, a restaurant or other recommendable stuff, feel free to comment!

Take a Break in Park Ciutadella

15 Nov

I spent this afternoon sightseeing in Barcelona on my own. Which is something that I have never done before. Don’t ask me why. The weather in Spain is quite incredible. It’s November, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. And forget all about your big wintercoat. I carry my computer in a bag, which is incredibly heavy and uncomfortable. This time I actually decided to take the Metro, though I didn’t have any idea of where to go. So since I carried my computer, I decided to go to Parc Ciutadella and Arc de Triomf to spent an hour or two in the park. I love the park because of it’s tranquility, like when you enter another world. People who are just taking a break from their busy everydaylife. Though it may sound a bit freaky, I actually like watching other people and think about their differences.

So as said, I went to Parc Ciutadella. And I actually photographed my way to the park. I first went to Plaça Espanya and Mont Juïc though! For more photos follow the link, https://streetsoftrujillo.wordpress.com/photos/

Just a perfect afternoon in Barcelona

14 Nov

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon with my friend in the city center of Barcelona. He is local, though he lives in a neighbourhood, outside the city center. Everytime I go out I always get inspired by the city. Its people, its art, its arquitechture. Everytime I get more and more confident when I go out, walking on the streets of Barcelona. Everytime it makes me think of why I moved to Spain. And my eyes and my mind are the only witnesess.

Barcelona without any doubts, makes me feel free. Makes me want to live and fight for my dreams. (Emphasizing that I´m still looking for a job). And I guess I just need to see something else than my apartment. (Honestly, it´s the most boring apartment you probably can imagine).

The afternoon were just perfect yesterday. Though I actually got lost and unfortunately I entered the Raval. Just saying that the Raval is my less preferred barrio of Barcelona. And then I always have this ability to meet people on the street who are trying to sell me something or get me into something. I have learned to make it more meaningful for me: I just spent those 5-10 min. to learn how to have a conversation with a Spaniard. And everytime I say, in Spanish that I don´t understand them, they always manage me to keep talking.

After a warm summer, which I spent pretty much on the beach,  it´s finally autumn. And they have gone so far that they´re preparing for christmas. The leaves have changed their colour, soon the trees will be naked. I can´t stop smiling with the thought of the arrival of 2013. 2012 has been a great year for me, and nothing makes me happier than the thought of ending it in Barcelona!

So, I actually wanted to go straight out taking tons of photos today, but I thought that it was better to stay home. They are making another strike! Well it is happening almost at least once at month in Spain. I just watched the news. I´m glad that I made the decision to stay home..


A Pretty Adventurous Life

11 Nov


I´ve just got back to Spain. What a trip it is to go to Southamerica. Especially when they tell you that you have bought a fake ticket from Madrid to Barcelona, and that is why you can´t make the Check-In. Like for the entire trip. But all the bad luck started even before the trip. “You cannot have the seats that you have been paying for. There is nothing to do less the people who has been able to make the Check-In by Internet, will make a seat exchange”.

But luckily there still are a few nice people in this world, who would make a seat exchange! Unfortunately the bad luck wouldn´t stop just there.. when we came to Barajas, Madrid the flight to Ecuador was delayed. And they had to open my suitcase like twice. But only mine.

And then we came to Lima, Peru. Awesome. We had to go further north so we just had to get the bus for a 10 hours bus ride. They say that the most important is to arrive. It´s true but I did not expect a smelly bus to be honest.

By the way I was going to Peru for a week for my sister in law´s wedding.



Trujillo is the second capital of Peru, in the region of Libertad. It´s a big city but it´s definitely not a modern city. I do not really recommend to stay in the city center. The main attractions to see is “La Huaca del sol y de la luna” and “Chan Chan”. And the cheapest way to go there is to take the omnibus. In case that you would like to save some money.

Not to forget the church in Plaza Armas (City Center). In general my opinion about Southamerica is that you have to go see stuff outside the cities.


Unfortunately there was no time to go to Cuzco and see Machu Picchu. But I will do that next time I stop by Peru. Meantime I will live my pretty “adventurous” life back in Spain.



21 Jul