Tapas everywhere…

18 Nov

Well, yesterday I went to a tapas bar situated very close to where I live in Barcelona. As many probably already know, Barcelona can be pretty touristic, especially Plaça Catalunya, the Rambla and Barceloneta. I live in Sants which is very close to Mont Juïc and Plaça Espanya. It’s not very touristic, which I like. And which means that pretty much all restaurants only have their menus in Spanish and Catalan.

Though you have to know Barcelona really well if you want to eat in the center of the city and if you want a local experience. But I recommend Carrer de Válencia in L’Eixample. There are loads of restaurants with food from different parts of the world. But it’s also possible to find some of the best local restaurants in this area of Barcelona.

Yesterday I tasted the best sangría I’ve ever tasted. And it was actually pretty cheap! 6 euros for 1 liter. And it was made the right way. Semi-dry wine, with apples, orange and sugar. ¡Buenísimo!  It’s pretty hard to find a good sangría. And to a good price. Once I paid 10 euros for a sangría I could buy in the supermarket for not even 2 euros.

What I ordered was basically tapas. Olivas Sevillanas, sort of spicy olives. Broquetas, chicken and veggies. Croquetas con jamón, I’m not really sure of how to describe it in English, but it’s totally recommendable! So I’m going to try new tapas along the road. And if you know a place, a restaurant or other recommendable stuff, feel free to comment!

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