No entiendo…

19 Nov

My favorite phrase in Spanish. But the fact is that I really do understand what they say. But it’s also a fact that it can be pretty intimidating to speak a foreign language. In the beginning I panicked for no reason and of the simple thought of talking to a Spaniard. Today, almost 4 months later, a lot of television and some experiences I finally feel ready to open my mouth and… well just talk. Besides it’s also an essential thing if you want to have any chance of getting a job.

  Matter in fact I don’t really have any ideas of what I can do to improve my Spanish. I mean, I have   everything I probably could have to practise. I think somehow it’s a shame that I have got used to the Latinamerican accent, which difinitely has been the reason of why I have found it so hard to understand the Spaniards. I should probably go out way more with my Spanish friend. Or just to get the local spirit! What have you guys done to improve your Spanish?

  After have been studying Spanish for 6-7 years, I would say that I speak it well. But as an uncle of mine once said: you’re actually just about to learn the language. All I can say is that he’s right! But I don’t think that those 6-7 years have been wasted. I just have to open my mouth… and SPEAK!

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