Christmas has (almost) arrived

22 Nov

Soon it’s christmas. Actually no big deal. The facts are very simple: I have no money and I’m not going back to Denmark for the holiday. The Danish christmas is the best. I love Spain and many of its traditions and holidays. But I would always prefer the Danish christmas. Though I don’t have any money, the streets are helping me getting in the right mood for christmas and New Year’s Eve. The lights hanging around buildings are so colourful. Shops are selling typical Spanish food for christmas, gifts and so on. Signs saying: Bon Nadal (Merry Christmas in Catalan).

I’m not really sure if I’m going to miss the snow. But definitely the chance of it. I know that it has already been snowing in Northern Spain, and there is also a chance of snow in Catalunya and outside Barcelona. It’s pretty unlikely that it will happen in the center of Barcelona. The thing is that for me it can get a bit difficult to have a traditional Spanish christmas since the people I live with aren’t Spaniards.

Actually I don’t expect that my family will send me presents or christmas cards. Though today I have recieved my first letter from Denmark, while I have been living in Spain. It really made my day!

How do you celebrate Christmas? And from where are you?

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