Random experience in a Spanish post office

28 Nov

Just don’t ask me why I just now (after 4 months living in Spain), went to a post office. Honestly, it’s pretty logic why. But the thing is… in many shops in Spain you cannot pay with credit cards if the amount is less than 10 euros! I think I’m pretty much addicted to that Visa. Besides I have two bank accounts; in Denmark (which I use most) and here in Spain. Usually I never extract money and especially not in other countries, it can be really expensive. Which reminds me that tomorrow, when I’m going to check up on my account, I’ll do it probably with eyes closed.

So, you’ve probably guessed that I had to extract money. 20 euros. (I just have to say that the money wasn’t mine, but I had to buy/send something for a family member). I went back and paid. And I kind of felt guilty there. Also kind of pissed, because I couldn’t pay with the credit card.. Pretty-awesome-kind-of-awkward-experience in a Spanish post office! And the time, you realise that you need to look better what the sign says..

Have you ever tried something similar? 

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