It was expected

2 Dec


That Rajoy wouldn’t keep his promises he made to win the election in Spain the 11th of December last year. Honestly I don’t think that Spain will be able to survive that much longer with a politic such as the PP’s. I think it’s way more complicated than what people think. Something is going to change. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s going to be the government. I think we should go further and say that Germany needs to be changed. No more Merkel, no more Rajoy. As I’ve indicated in a previous entry I don’t like the PP. I mean… I hate everything about that party. To it’s politicians. And as they predict in the papers around Europe, 2013 will not be any easier. Though we are in crisis, people don’t need to suicide. People need education because it’s the future, and we need to invest. The other day I read, don’t forget that I’m being quite critical; the economy in the States isn’t too good either. Which definitely affects Europe.

The crisis is being a success!

The crisis is being a success!


Now, I wonder why Germany did give so many money to Greece. It’s like saying: You can always “borrow” money, we know you’ll never be able to pay back, but we’ll always stand by you”. In my opinion we should throw Greece out of the EU. Besides, we know that the Greek Government never will change. I think that the EU doesn’t throw Greece out because of the politicians who are trying to save the rest of a political victory.

So what about Spain? In my opinion the EU will not be able to survive without Spain. But the people here are desperate. And we can all write signs saying that we need to see actions and so on. The thing is that Rajoy and his people don’t give a damn. The king… don’t get me started! He is allowed to play a political role, but my question for him would be: Do you like to see your own country like this?

And what comes to the EU.. I have no words left for it. But I guess it’s what we can expect…


And I found this Facebook page (in Spanish), which I like because of its propaganda. Sometimes its content can be a bit over the top:

Por un País Libre de CoruPPtos y sin Rajoy. (For a country free of coruPPtion and without Rajoy).


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