Meanwhile in Denmark…

2 Dec

It did actually snow! Honestly I didn’t expect that. And I didn’t think that I would miss it when I moved to Spain. But I do.  Luckily I’m so addicted to Facebook that I’m able to follow my family in Denmark. I know that it has also been snowing in some parts of Spain. But it doesn’t snow in Barcelona. So I have to look at the precious landscapes of Denmark through photos, become more sad that I’m not able to make galletas … through photos.

As I mentioned in my last entry I did make my first away-from-home-decoration! I just forgot to upload a photo. And for an update, my candle is as usually behind! Haven’t reached the 1st of December yet! So, here’s some photo of what people in Denmark will be doing this month !


Sooo delicious!

Sooo delicious!


I haven’t taken these photos myself, but they’re from some family members. And just the forgotten photo:


What do you do in December in your country? And how do you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


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