I have a plan…

10 Dec

And I’m not really sure of what letter in the alphabet my plan has. I need to realise the real world. Spain IS just not my place anyway. Things aren’t just going bad out on the streets, but the situation is affecting my personal life. Which is one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging so much these days. You probably recognise that if you aren’t at your best (that happens more than once in life) you have a period with a lack of inspiration. And I must say that I’m in a period with lack of… pretty much everything.

I’m sure the main reason is that I’m unemployed. I’m constantly fighting with my mother-in-law. If things are getting worse, I need to leave Spain. These days I spend going out looking for a job (not enough looking in the Internet). Somehow my mother-in-law really thinks that I’m like a robot. She dictates the places to go… wait… she dictates everything! My few friendships I’ve got and so on. I can’t stand her. And now it has come to a point after another situation, that I must think of myself. I have to leave if I can’t get a job so I can get another apartment in Barcelona.

Meanwhile, I need to focus on getting a job. I’ve also made a conclusion:

If I haven’t got a job by March or April, I leave Spain and return to Denmark. (Gosh, it was really weird to put that down in words!)

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