Finally some good news

13 Dec

Well, yesterday Inditex called me for an interview! OMG I was actually able to have a conversation in Spanish over the phone. So this morning I went excited to Carrer Pelayo. Seeing all these other people going for an interview kind of made me nervous. To be honest I don’t know how to feel about Inditex. I’ve heard people talk bad about the company, but I think that whatever happens, I’ll have to take the risk and accept (almost) all kind of job I’ll get offered. And to be honest, sales assistant in a shop can’t be that bad.

As said I was so excited for the interview. I would almost say that I started the morning getting breakfast in the local bakery, just one street away. (It’ll happens if you forget to buy milk!) Grabbing a croissant, straight to the metro, and right to Carrer Pelayo from Catalunya. Somehow I prefer the mornings in Barcelona. It’s like that the sky (actually always blue), tells me what I can expect of the city the rest of the day. To be honest, and I’m probably just saying this because I’ve lived 19 years in a Nordic country (Denmark), the winter is like spring in Barcelona!


So when I arrived, and stepped into the building. I was so nervous, not of making mistakes (just a bit!) but not to be able to speak. I thought that saying anything would be better than saying nada. But the young woman, I’d rather call all people working in Inditex for fashionistas, just gave me a pen, a paper to fill out. And at last we all went into another room to… ehm… more or less  it was like a meeting. The fashionista helped us filling out the document, and she briefly interviewed us one by one, in front of all the other people. I was like… “what if I’m not able to speak?!” But luckily I had put myself together and just answered the questions in Spanish. She actually asked me for how long I’d been living in Spain. Like almost 5 months. But by this I would say that I’m more than ready to have a job. Speak some more Spanish.


Just happening to me?!

I must say, that I feel quite persecuted by sellers on the street. They are trying to sell me books in the metro. This afternoon I kind of felt bad for the seller. I laughed him right in his face, saying that the other day I met his friend. And what else… ahh.. people from different organisations, you know, just like UNICEF. I just made it clear that I don’t have a work, no one in my apartment has a work in the moment! (Indirectly: I would never pay 12 euros at month!) Or like the other day, a friendly lady (SELLER), went to my building, and of course my apartment, trying to sell us butane!

About the sellers on the street that somehow I always run into, only happens when I’m alone!

Anyway, finally some good news, and I hope that Inditex will call me for another interview! I need this job, and I don’t care if I have to work 40 hours at week, I need the money!

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