Going abroad once again…

3 Apr

So I’ve decided to go abroad once again. Though Spain still is an unexplored adventure for me, I’m not going back to Spain. But I have got the chance to live in Peru. Like for real. So I’m going in December. I know I wrote in another post on  the blog that I’d be saving up for going two months to Peru. So it’s time to get some planning going and save up a lot of money. I don’t know where to begin, but I’m so excited. Also I know that my last trip to Peru was a failure. But my boyfriend and I have decided that we aren’t going to tell anything to his mother. I know she’s going to dislike me even more than she already does.

But somehow I feel a bit guilty that I want to travel that much. I guess it’s because of I already know the reactions from my family. What about the University, they’ll be asking. What about healthcare? What about money, a job?  Guys, just take it easy. Europe and especially not Denmark is the world. It’s healthy to travel. Besides I see how Danes really think about the foreign countries. And I’m not trying to hide that I’m quite disappointed.

And something I really want to say to those people from my family who think that I’m stupid that I want to live abroad is this: I know it wasn’t the best decision to go to Spain, but I’m glad that I did. Because it was awesome in so many ways. But you’ll never be able to imagine because you’ve never tried it.


Furthermore I truly believe that something’s wrong with our society here in Europe. And somehow it’s one of those many things I don’t like about my own country; we’re all have to be so busy. Study and work have becomed our lives. We’re like zombies. We’re raised to believe that it’s how to live our live. I know that education is really important. But for me it seems that the life, if you have money of course, in Southamerica is so less complicated than in Europe. Something I think we should learn from. I’m kind of feeling like a slave from the Danish society. I want to make my life interesting and different and not feeling guilty that I want to see the world. So don’t tell me that I have to be busy. In my opinion you can never be too old to study. Or is it actually possible? I don’t want to be busy, only busy with living life. Maybe some will say in 20 or 30 years: You’re so lucky that you had the oppotunity to  live abroad and travel. Some people already told me that, but clearly not from my family. And myself? I’m so jalous of people who travel more than I do. And that’s why I read about the adventures of those people on their blogs.

In the moment I’m really inspired by this blog, Streets of Lima. You should go and read it! I’m also trying to get inspired by the food (I know I’m fuzzy about it!) . Maybe when I move to Peru, I’ll change the name of this blog to Las Calles de Trujillo (The Streets of Trujillo). Haha. I’ll be dreaming of becoming the next Danish expat in Trujillo, Peru!

At last, if you had an opportunity to live abroad, would you do it? Are you currently living abroad? And what’s your experience?

2 Responses to “Going abroad once again…”

  1. personalpilot April 7, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

    Awesome that you’ve taken the chance and opportunity to travel – and insist on enjoying yourself! I think travel should be mandatory for everyone. Otherwise those that don’t get entrenched in their own little prisons and don’t understand that the myriad diversities their missing is the fabric of the world. You GO Girl!!!

    • Claudia April 7, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

      Thanks 😉 I totally agree with you!

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