The in-laws Incident

6 Apr

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be moving to Peru in December. But I can already tell that it’s not going to happen without drama. Though there still are 8 months left I’m busy saving up and prepare things. I still need my suitcases from Spain, and when they arrive I’m planning to really go through my stuff. I realised that I cannot have so many things when I go to Peru. But I’m completely sure of that is what I want. Then I have to go to Sweden to clear things out about the paper work  and stuff. And I need a visa, since I’m going for more than 3 months. So I suppose it’s time to get things done. And then we have been talking about getting married, but also I can tell that this won’t happen without drama from my family in-law, and then South America is known for their lovely bureaucracy. Just read sarcasm. Then comes the translation of my birth certificate and an examination at the doctor. This could be quite an adventure.

But I’m so nervous. This morning I read something on Facebook that I actually wish I didn’t read. After some incidents in Peru and Spain with my boyfriend’s mom and sister, I really do feel that I don’t need them to be around me. But then again. I’ll be staying in my mother in-law’s house in Trujillo. At least for a while. About the comment on Facebook which was from my sister in-law who told that she’ll probably go to Peru around New Year, made my mood from bad to fatal! Since they don’t like me for sure, I’m scared of their reaction. My mother-in-law doesn’t know that I’ll be moving to Peru. She thinks that I’ll be going on a vacation for two months. But my boyfriend says that we don’t have to tell them. I think that he’s probably right. But I’m use to that I can tell people the things as they are. But don’t ever do that to South American women. They’re going to think that you’re weird.

My boyfriend and I also have plans for New Year’s Eve. Already! Well since it’s summer in Peru, we will go to spend it on the beach with some friends. I hope that he’ll tell his sister. Since I don’t want to spend it with her. Really. I don’t want to be around people who don’t like me and besides behave like when we’re good enough then it’s OK. But when we don’t do it their way, they are like teenagers. So I’m going to tell my boyfriend what I think about it. Normally he doesn’t like to talk about these things about his family. But I think it’s just fair that I tell him how I feel about it. And I can only hope that he’ll support me. Just tell me this: Why should I ever give my keys to someone who doesn’t live in the apartment, and I’ve paid for them? No way. If she wants keys to her mother’s apartment, then she could go talk to her mother and pay for her own keys. Just saying. Really it isn’t a big deal. But they make it to something big and I don’t understand why she did get mad at me for… well… keys.  And a telephone incident. Haha

To be honest I don’t think that it’s possible to get a worse family in-law. And what they’ve done to me, mostly things they said to me, I don’t really think that it’s going to work out with them.

2 Responses to “The in-laws Incident”

  1. ohiasia April 7, 2013 at 1:05 pm #

    Claudia, please think long and hard before marrying into a family you don’t like! “When you marry someone, you marry their family.” A quick google search (like “horrible in-laws” or “marry someone marry family”) yields many stories of headache and heartbreak. Just hoping you go in with your eyes open. xo susan

    • Claudia April 7, 2013 at 1:40 pm #

      Thanks 🙂 I agree with you. But I think that it should be possible to avoid his family the most of the time. His sister lives in France and his mother in Spain. Though his mother has plans to return to Peru we can manage to get something of our own when she returns. And yes, 7 months living with my mother in law was not really what I liked, I’m determined that I want to live with my boyfriend. I know I sound kind of stubborn here, but I guess it’s because I know she doesn’t want us to be together. And then we want to settle down in Lima later on. So we will be away from her for a long time, which I believe is what is best for us.

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