A word or two about Denmark

8 Apr

Yes, Indeed!

Well, I’ve noticed that I don’t talk so much about my own country, Denmark on the blog. Thinking that there isn’t probably much to say about how it is to be from this Scandinavian country. Wondering if I actually could say something more interesting than how unpredictable the weather is here. With a risk of being accused of not loving enough my own country, I just want to make things clear that I don’t expect other Danes to understand my need to be living abroad.

You’ve probably guessed it. I’m not really a nationalist. I consider myself more as someone who questions the things related to the society. People may say I should rather be grateful to recieve money from the state. I should be grateful that I have had so many things. I can always go see a doctor for free. I have access to free education. Just stop there. Who the heck said that it was free to study at the University of Copenhagen? Because it’s not. Well I know that people also may say I should be grateful of being able to get money while studying. Well the rate is high. I admit for some groups in the society is TOO high. I have never been able to get that amount of money while studying in high school since I was living in a foster care. The thing is mostly of my generation in high school who still live with their parents and get money from the state and actually HAVE A JOB? Why do you need to get money from the state? Oh, so you can go to parties and we can keep our record in drinking! To afford a lifestyle that you wouldn’t be able to afford when you move from your parents. I get it. (Sarcasm).

So my generation is really spoiled. I admit it. But I honestly admire people from other countries to stand by the pride of who they are and to be kind of successful. I’m referring to Janteloven. Seriously what’s wrong with our society, Denmark? That we teach our children to envy others. We are seriously living with a chronically low self esteem. We are afraid of what others are thinking about the choises we make in our lives. We pretend to be someone else. We always claim that we are so friendly. But sorry guys. Though you only will (may) see it if you are living abroad. We are not really friendly towards foreigners. And how can we be that when we allow our society to be ruled by politicians who don’t want them in our country. Sometimes I really can be ashamed about being from Denmark. And I honestly don’t think that is how it is supposed to be.

I’m kind of beginning to think that us, Danes, have becomed slaves of our own society. We are paying so much in taxes. And then we claim it to be a part of having our welfare-system. Or at least we pretend. (Which we are really good at.)



2 Responses to “A word or two about Denmark”

  1. selectingstones April 23, 2013 at 1:12 am #

    i really like your line of questioning in this post, although of course i can’t presume to already know what the conclusion is going to be before you’ve reached it. anyways thanks for opening my eyes to something i previously knew nothing about.

    • Claudia April 23, 2013 at 3:08 am #

      Thanks. Well, I don’t want to come with a conclusion on this post because it’s more my point of view of what’s going on in Denmark right now. I know many wouldn’t agree with me on what I’ve written in the post. 🙂

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