Confessions of a Bridezilla #1

11 May

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As the days are passing the more stressed I get and the more Bridezilla I’m becoming. These days we are having some discussions of what type of dress that would be the most appropriate since we’re not getting married in the church. E thinks that I should/can only be wearing a short dress while I think that I can be wearing a long dress as if we were getting married in the church but not a big dress. Just keep it simple.

We don’t want to make the biggest party but for me this is something really special. Besides I’ve got the money! But I do think that we should agree on exactly what we’re doing. And here comes the Bridezilla..

E is busy studying. I must say that I really admire his discipline. I’m just really lazy when it comes to stuff like that, but it’s what to expect of a Dane. Anyway, since we’re still having a huge distance between us I’m realizing as the days are passing that being separated like that is wrong. In every way, it’s just wrong. It’s almost impossible to have a relation like this and to plan a wedding is so difficult. I miss him a little more every day. I regret that I didn’t take the chance of going to Peru in March. I’m having this fight every day to make things work and to save up to leave in November or December. And honestly E hasn’t so much time to do nothing but study, and I must respect that.

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