just not my luck. #1

14 Oct

Well, story of my life. I have never been lucky with my suitcases. I’ve never given much thought of the possibility of losing my luggage while travelling, but somehow Air Europa thought that it was time to change that. So they left my luggage in Madrid for a week. Can anyone please tell me why it can take a week finding a suitcase and another week to return a call??! Anyway, after a week, they finally call with the news of having found my luggage in Madrid and will send it directly to Lima. Oh, that’s great, right? But then one of a traveller’s nightmares came true. They call from the airport in Lima telling me that I had to go to Lima to get it. Because they can’t *read will not* send it to Trujillo as Air Europa promised me at the time I arrived. That time, almost two weeks had passed. Frustrated and sad about the luggage incident, and after a lot of discussions with Air Europa in Spain and in Lima they eventually send me an e-mail telling me that they will send it to Trujillo. Almost after 3 weeks! How can it take these so long??!

I was not able to go all the way to Lima. Explaining, or rather crying over it on the phone, that it would take me about 11 hours from Trujillo to Lima and back and the cost.. I don’t even want to think about it. But they eventually sent it. I just picked it up in the airport of Trujillo. (Seriously guys, it’s the smallest, no, tiniest airport ever seen!)

So I was pretty feliz about having my stuff back. Also even though that they have pretty much broken my suitcase..

What’s your worst travel incident? Share!

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