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A Saving Up-project

31 Mar

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Well, since I’m back in Denmark I can start saving up to go on a new trip. I’m thinking of going to Peru for two months in December, just around Christmas. But it is kind of a project to go back home, looking for a job and start saving up for a new adventure. The thing is that just like Spain, though it isn’t so bad as in Spain, it’s difficult to get a job even in Denmark. So right now I’m having some help from the municipal, but it really sucks. So in the moment I’m looking for something, well anything. Right now I’m working for free, yup I have to just to get money from the municipal. It’s so complicated. Really. And I don’t like the place where I’m working. Luckily it’s “only” for 4 weeks. But then, the municipal was supposed to give me money, since they can’t even help me with an appartment. I’m just curious why they haven’t even given me the half of what I “thought” I was supposed to be given. I’m lot even able to pay for getting back my suitcases and pay my rent for the room I’m having at my sister.

But as I wrote in a post for a long time ago, I’m going to give Peru a second chance. Since my last trip was a huge failure in so many ways. And furthermore still have so many problems with my family-in-law. (I don’t think it actually can get any worse!!) I’ve just forgiven my mother-in-law for what she did to me in Peru (yes, I know I’m pretty slow on that point), and when she was claiming that I was going to cheat on her son… And then she freaking tells me that I’m destroying her son’s life. It does not make any sense. And I know something else like that will be coming up next time.

But anyway, I’m looking forward to go to Peru, and YES I might be very optimistic but I believe that I’m able to save up for Peru. It’s actually not that expensive.. So who knows? Maybe this time I’ll be able to go and see the more intresting stuff. And I’m looking forward to spend my New Years Eve once again, ABROAD!


Nochebuena & Nochevieja

19 Dec

Well, ¡Feliz Navidad!

In Spain they call Christmas Eve, Nochebuena. As a Catholic country they have certain traditions. But I can already reveal that I’m not going to celebrate a typical Spanish Christmas, nor am I going to Denmark for the holiday. But… It doesn’t seem so bad after all. I’ve found out that I had some money to go get some special food. I’ve also planned what I am going to eat for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  The fact is that Los Tres Reyes Magos is more important than Christmas itself.

With this I’m actually saying that I really miss Denmark. So, what can I do? I’m going to eat duck – with a touch of Denmark! And New Year’s Eve I’m going to eat fondue. And I’m not going to forget the champagne. For me these ocasions are so important, and these traditions I’ve learned from when I was little. But I’ll try to mix it with a Peruvian touch.

Hunting marcipan

I didn’t know that if was SO impossible to find marcipan in Spain. I’ve asked different places, but they all showed me what I wasn’t looking for. So… luckily I’ve read in the Internet about homemade marcipan. I’ve bought what I needed to make my New Year-cake, so now we’ll see how it’ll turn out. I’m so excited!

Tomorrow I’ll go back to La Boquería to buy the duck, and friday, the best part: I’ll go to Merca Barna to pick up my Asti Spumante!

2012 has been a very special year for me, so I’ll try to finish it with style, and of course enter 2013 with good memories and STYLE!

And I honestly believe that food really makes the mood!

images (1)  Juleand




images Nochevieja is New Year’s Eve. What can I say? Somehow I love it, somehow it’s sad. One more year has passed, and together we look back at all the memories. Looking forward to make some news in the year to come. For once in my life I have no clue what the new year will bring.

How do you celebrate Christmas and New Years’s Eve? And where you from?

¡Feliz Navidad! y ¡Próspero Año Nuevo! Bon Nadal i Prósper Any Nou! Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


3 Cities & 3 Languages

15 Dec


In the moment I feel like obsessed with particular one city in Europe. It’s like a “Must-see”-city. But I’ve never been there yet. As the title says there are actually 3 of them. Just in particular one I’m obsessed with. Also I’m kind of nerd. I would love to add 3 more languages to my list. As in one of my previous posts I’m learning Catalan. And right now you may be thinking of what cities and languages I’m talking about. What city would have my next adventure, or which part of the world, I can’t tell yet. Or what language will be the next I’ll be struggling with.

“It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, we’re always in other places, lost, like sheep.” janet frame.

To be honest I don’t know where I’m going in this world. I left my home country, I live in Spain. And I’m realising that I don’t want to live in Spain for the rest of the life. So as Janet Frame says, I’d rather be like a lost sheep. But then again, where do I want to live? The world is huge and filled with opportunities. You just have to grab them! But I would lie if I said that I didn’t love Spain and Barcelona. I love the language, the history.

3 languages I’d love to learn

And with this, you’ll probably see where this is going. The languages have in some point something to do with the places where I want to go, maybe live.

3. Italian. Somehow I think it’s a funny language. Maybe I’ll go Rome to live someday or an Italian village, having Italian wine and eating spaghetti till I die!

2.Portuguese. To be honest I’ve been dying to learn Portuguese! I know I could go to Portugal… or maybe go to Brazil, exploring the Amazonas, dancing Samba, go to the beach everyday!

1.French. I actually never thought that I’d be saying French. I must admit that I was pretty skeptic about French. To be honest maybe just testing if it’s true what people say about the language. Is it really more sexy than Spanish? I assume it is. I guess that I’m just saying it now when I live in Spain.


3 cities I’d love to visit

3. I would difinitely go back to London! (Maybe villages in England could be interesting too!)

2.Some village in Southern France, more specific Provence! (Drinking wine, eating fromage and bread!)

1.Paris! Of course! I’m not much of a fashionista though. But as written previously in this post, it’s a “Must-see”-city. I’m already thinking of those french words I know, in my head it sounds good, probably not in real life. Paris is difinitely mon amour in the moment!


I will just quickly recommend a blog. I love Liz Carlson’s travel blog, and if you’re looking for travel inspiration or just want to read a great blog, this is the perfect place!

Meanwhile in Denmark…

2 Dec

It did actually snow! Honestly I didn’t expect that. And I didn’t think that I would miss it when I moved to Spain. But I do.  Luckily I’m so addicted to Facebook that I’m able to follow my family in Denmark. I know that it has also been snowing in some parts of Spain. But it doesn’t snow in Barcelona. So I have to look at the precious landscapes of Denmark through photos, become more sad that I’m not able to make galletas … through photos.

As I mentioned in my last entry I did make my first away-from-home-decoration! I just forgot to upload a photo. And for an update, my candle is as usually behind! Haven’t reached the 1st of December yet! So, here’s some photo of what people in Denmark will be doing this month !


Sooo delicious!

Sooo delicious!


I haven’t taken these photos myself, but they’re from some family members. And just the forgotten photo:


What do you do in December in your country? And how do you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve?


Christmas has (almost) arrived

22 Nov

Soon it’s christmas. Actually no big deal. The facts are very simple: I have no money and I’m not going back to Denmark for the holiday. The Danish christmas is the best. I love Spain and many of its traditions and holidays. But I would always prefer the Danish christmas. Though I don’t have any money, the streets are helping me getting in the right mood for christmas and New Year’s Eve. The lights hanging around buildings are so colourful. Shops are selling typical Spanish food for christmas, gifts and so on. Signs saying: Bon Nadal (Merry Christmas in Catalan).

I’m not really sure if I’m going to miss the snow. But definitely the chance of it. I know that it has already been snowing in Northern Spain, and there is also a chance of snow in Catalunya and outside Barcelona. It’s pretty unlikely that it will happen in the center of Barcelona. The thing is that for me it can get a bit difficult to have a traditional Spanish christmas since the people I live with aren’t Spaniards.

Actually I don’t expect that my family will send me presents or christmas cards. Though today I have recieved my first letter from Denmark, while I have been living in Spain. It really made my day!

How do you celebrate Christmas? And from where are you?

No entiendo…

19 Nov

My favorite phrase in Spanish. But the fact is that I really do understand what they say. But it’s also a fact that it can be pretty intimidating to speak a foreign language. In the beginning I panicked for no reason and of the simple thought of talking to a Spaniard. Today, almost 4 months later, a lot of television and some experiences I finally feel ready to open my mouth and… well just talk. Besides it’s also an essential thing if you want to have any chance of getting a job.

  Matter in fact I don’t really have any ideas of what I can do to improve my Spanish. I mean, I have   everything I probably could have to practise. I think somehow it’s a shame that I have got used to the Latinamerican accent, which difinitely has been the reason of why I have found it so hard to understand the Spaniards. I should probably go out way more with my Spanish friend. Or just to get the local spirit! What have you guys done to improve your Spanish?

  After have been studying Spanish for 6-7 years, I would say that I speak it well. But as an uncle of mine once said: you’re actually just about to learn the language. All I can say is that he’s right! But I don’t think that those 6-7 years have been wasted. I just have to open my mouth… and SPEAK!

A Pretty Adventurous Life

11 Nov


I´ve just got back to Spain. What a trip it is to go to Southamerica. Especially when they tell you that you have bought a fake ticket from Madrid to Barcelona, and that is why you can´t make the Check-In. Like for the entire trip. But all the bad luck started even before the trip. “You cannot have the seats that you have been paying for. There is nothing to do less the people who has been able to make the Check-In by Internet, will make a seat exchange”.

But luckily there still are a few nice people in this world, who would make a seat exchange! Unfortunately the bad luck wouldn´t stop just there.. when we came to Barajas, Madrid the flight to Ecuador was delayed. And they had to open my suitcase like twice. But only mine.

And then we came to Lima, Peru. Awesome. We had to go further north so we just had to get the bus for a 10 hours bus ride. They say that the most important is to arrive. It´s true but I did not expect a smelly bus to be honest.

By the way I was going to Peru for a week for my sister in law´s wedding.



Trujillo is the second capital of Peru, in the region of Libertad. It´s a big city but it´s definitely not a modern city. I do not really recommend to stay in the city center. The main attractions to see is “La Huaca del sol y de la luna” and “Chan Chan”. And the cheapest way to go there is to take the omnibus. In case that you would like to save some money.

Not to forget the church in Plaza Armas (City Center). In general my opinion about Southamerica is that you have to go see stuff outside the cities.


Unfortunately there was no time to go to Cuzco and see Machu Picchu. But I will do that next time I stop by Peru. Meantime I will live my pretty “adventurous” life back in Spain.