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A Saving Up-project

31 Mar

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Well, since I’m back in Denmark I can start saving up to go on a new trip. I’m thinking of going to Peru for two months in December, just around Christmas. But it is kind of a project to go back home, looking for a job and start saving up for a new adventure. The thing is that just like Spain, though it isn’t so bad as in Spain, it’s difficult to get a job even in Denmark. So right now I’m having some help from the municipal, but it really sucks. So in the moment I’m looking for something, well anything. Right now I’m working for free, yup I have to just to get money from the municipal. It’s so complicated. Really. And I don’t like the place where I’m working. Luckily it’s “only” for 4 weeks. But then, the municipal was supposed to give me money, since they can’t even help me with an appartment. I’m just curious why they haven’t even given me the half of what I “thought” I was supposed to be given. I’m lot even able to pay for getting back my suitcases and pay my rent for the room I’m having at my sister.

But as I wrote in a post for a long time ago, I’m going to give Peru a second chance. Since my last trip was a huge failure in so many ways. And furthermore still have so many problems with my family-in-law. (I don’t think it actually can get any worse!!) I’ve just forgiven my mother-in-law for what she did to me in Peru (yes, I know I’m pretty slow on that point), and when she was claiming that I was going to cheat on her son… And then she freaking tells me that I’m destroying her son’s life. It does not make any sense. And I know something else like that will be coming up next time.

But anyway, I’m looking forward to go to Peru, and YES I might be very optimistic but I believe that I’m able to save up for Peru. It’s actually not that expensive.. So who knows? Maybe this time I’ll be able to go and see the more intresting stuff. And I’m looking forward to spend my New Years Eve once again, ABROAD!


A Pretty Adventurous Life

11 Nov


I´ve just got back to Spain. What a trip it is to go to Southamerica. Especially when they tell you that you have bought a fake ticket from Madrid to Barcelona, and that is why you can´t make the Check-In. Like for the entire trip. But all the bad luck started even before the trip. “You cannot have the seats that you have been paying for. There is nothing to do less the people who has been able to make the Check-In by Internet, will make a seat exchange”.

But luckily there still are a few nice people in this world, who would make a seat exchange! Unfortunately the bad luck wouldn´t stop just there.. when we came to Barajas, Madrid the flight to Ecuador was delayed. And they had to open my suitcase like twice. But only mine.

And then we came to Lima, Peru. Awesome. We had to go further north so we just had to get the bus for a 10 hours bus ride. They say that the most important is to arrive. It´s true but I did not expect a smelly bus to be honest.

By the way I was going to Peru for a week for my sister in law´s wedding.



Trujillo is the second capital of Peru, in the region of Libertad. It´s a big city but it´s definitely not a modern city. I do not really recommend to stay in the city center. The main attractions to see is “La Huaca del sol y de la luna” and “Chan Chan”. And the cheapest way to go there is to take the omnibus. In case that you would like to save some money.

Not to forget the church in Plaza Armas (City Center). In general my opinion about Southamerica is that you have to go see stuff outside the cities.


Unfortunately there was no time to go to Cuzco and see Machu Picchu. But I will do that next time I stop by Peru. Meantime I will live my pretty “adventurous” life back in Spain.