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Take a Break in Park Ciutadella

15 Nov

I spent this afternoon sightseeing in Barcelona on my own. Which is something that I have never done before. Don’t ask me why. The weather in Spain is quite incredible. It’s November, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. And forget all about your big wintercoat. I carry my computer in a bag, which is incredibly heavy and uncomfortable. This time I actually decided to take the Metro, though I didn’t have any idea of where to go. So since I carried my computer, I decided to go to Parc Ciutadella and Arc de Triomf to spent an hour or two in the park. I love the park because of it’s tranquility, like when you enter another world. People who are just taking a break from their busy everydaylife. Though it may sound a bit freaky, I actually like watching other people and think about their differences.

So as said, I went to Parc Ciutadella. And I actually photographed my way to the park. I first went to Plaça Espanya and Mont Juïc though! For more photos follow the link,

Just a perfect afternoon in Barcelona

14 Nov

Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon with my friend in the city center of Barcelona. He is local, though he lives in a neighbourhood, outside the city center. Everytime I go out I always get inspired by the city. Its people, its art, its arquitechture. Everytime I get more and more confident when I go out, walking on the streets of Barcelona. Everytime it makes me think of why I moved to Spain. And my eyes and my mind are the only witnesess.

Barcelona without any doubts, makes me feel free. Makes me want to live and fight for my dreams. (Emphasizing that I´m still looking for a job). And I guess I just need to see something else than my apartment. (Honestly, it´s the most boring apartment you probably can imagine).

The afternoon were just perfect yesterday. Though I actually got lost and unfortunately I entered the Raval. Just saying that the Raval is my less preferred barrio of Barcelona. And then I always have this ability to meet people on the street who are trying to sell me something or get me into something. I have learned to make it more meaningful for me: I just spent those 5-10 min. to learn how to have a conversation with a Spaniard. And everytime I say, in Spanish that I don´t understand them, they always manage me to keep talking.

After a warm summer, which I spent pretty much on the beach,  it´s finally autumn. And they have gone so far that they´re preparing for christmas. The leaves have changed their colour, soon the trees will be naked. I can´t stop smiling with the thought of the arrival of 2013. 2012 has been a great year for me, and nothing makes me happier than the thought of ending it in Barcelona!

So, I actually wanted to go straight out taking tons of photos today, but I thought that it was better to stay home. They are making another strike! Well it is happening almost at least once at month in Spain. I just watched the news. I´m glad that I made the decision to stay home..


A Pretty Adventurous Life

11 Nov


I´ve just got back to Spain. What a trip it is to go to Southamerica. Especially when they tell you that you have bought a fake ticket from Madrid to Barcelona, and that is why you can´t make the Check-In. Like for the entire trip. But all the bad luck started even before the trip. “You cannot have the seats that you have been paying for. There is nothing to do less the people who has been able to make the Check-In by Internet, will make a seat exchange”.

But luckily there still are a few nice people in this world, who would make a seat exchange! Unfortunately the bad luck wouldn´t stop just there.. when we came to Barajas, Madrid the flight to Ecuador was delayed. And they had to open my suitcase like twice. But only mine.

And then we came to Lima, Peru. Awesome. We had to go further north so we just had to get the bus for a 10 hours bus ride. They say that the most important is to arrive. It´s true but I did not expect a smelly bus to be honest.

By the way I was going to Peru for a week for my sister in law´s wedding.



Trujillo is the second capital of Peru, in the region of Libertad. It´s a big city but it´s definitely not a modern city. I do not really recommend to stay in the city center. The main attractions to see is “La Huaca del sol y de la luna” and “Chan Chan”. And the cheapest way to go there is to take the omnibus. In case that you would like to save some money.

Not to forget the church in Plaza Armas (City Center). In general my opinion about Southamerica is that you have to go see stuff outside the cities.


Unfortunately there was no time to go to Cuzco and see Machu Picchu. But I will do that next time I stop by Peru. Meantime I will live my pretty “adventurous” life back in Spain.