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just not my luck #2

17 Oct

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Well, yesterday wasn’t my day. Either. Actually I’d rather say that it was that moment in my life were I was most embarrassed of myself. Though I just couldn’t help it. After lunch, E and I decided to go for our weekly shopping. We are about to finish the bathroom and starting with the kitchen (wuhuu so excited!) So we decided to start en Sodimac to see what stuff they had for the kitchen. And suddenly I began to feel really bad. Like really bad in the word “sick”. I was actually thinking that I was going to…ehm.. puke. But I didn’t expect that it would come so fast. I was actually thinking that I would be able to go to the bathroom. But nope.

So after Sodimac we went to Tottus. And I said to E that I was probably going to vomit because I felt sick. But that I could wait till we had paid the groceries. It turns out that I just couldn’t. Standing in the line vomiting and making a fool out of my self. I must find a new place to do my weekly shopping.

just not my luck. #1

14 Oct

Well, story of my life. I have never been lucky with my suitcases. I’ve never given much thought of the possibility of losing my luggage while travelling, but somehow Air Europa thought that it was time to change that. So they left my luggage in Madrid for a week. Can anyone please tell me why it can take a week finding a suitcase and another week to return a call??! Anyway, after a week, they finally call with the news of having found my luggage in Madrid and will send it directly to Lima. Oh, that’s great, right? But then one of a traveller’s nightmares came true. They call from the airport in Lima telling me that I had to go to Lima to get it. Because they can’t *read will not* send it to Trujillo as Air Europa promised me at the time I arrived. That time, almost two weeks had passed. Frustrated and sad about the luggage incident, and after a lot of discussions with Air Europa in Spain and in Lima they eventually send me an e-mail telling me that they will send it to Trujillo. Almost after 3 weeks! How can it take these so long??!

I was not able to go all the way to Lima. Explaining, or rather crying over it on the phone, that it would take me about 11 hours from Trujillo to Lima and back and the cost.. I don’t even want to think about it. But they eventually sent it. I just picked it up in the airport of Trujillo. (Seriously guys, it’s the smallest, no, tiniest airport ever seen!)

So I was pretty feliz about having my stuff back. Also even though that they have pretty much broken my suitcase..

What’s your worst travel incident? Share!


21 Jul

It’s Official!

24 May


I can’t believe that I’m doing this. Really. I just bought my ticket to Barcelona today. As a part of my moving-to-Peru-plan. I’m so excited. But I’m not really excited to see my mother-in-law. On th 10th of September I’ll go to Barcelona, once again. This time I expect to go to Lima the 13th of September. My last airport incident didn’t end up really well, so I should probably be there at least 3 hours before. Just to be sure!

To be honest I really find Peru and Peruvians really interesting. But it ruins everything when las señoras
in Barcelona tell lies about me behind my back. I have never done or said anything of what they claim. I
didn’t have a good first experience in Trujillo. But seriously… WHY?! Why should I ever want to marry a Peruvian if I, as according to them, don’t like Peruvians. No me aguanto más chisme!

I’m so excited to start a new life in Peru. And then I’ll officially be walking the streets of Trujillo..

La hora loca peruana

8 May

I think that this should be a part of every party:

My wedding isn’t going to be, well, that big. But ever since I’ve got my eyes open to that type of parties, last year at my sister-in-law’s wedding in Trujillo, I’ve wanted that too. Since we don’t want to spend a lot of money we’re making one of our own. And it’s not going to be 100% Peruvian. Since I’m from the land of vikings (or so do people think) the gentlemen will be given viking helmets and for the ladies we’ll give antifaces inca. Just during that hour.

I’m really excited! And it’s going to be a lot of fun. If you will be attending to a Peruvian wedding this will be what to expect.

What a day!

7 May

Don't be afraid of change. You may end up losing something good, but you will probably end up gaining something better."

It’s almost officially summer even in Denmark. Well, the snow and cold have finally gone. And when the temperature’s reaching 15 degrees, people are melting. And so am I. Well today is the day of miracles. The temperature has reached 20 degrees.

Well, today I’ve had a busy day. I went to an interview for a job in Copenhagen. And of course I really do not have any clue of how to take public transit if I don’t know the place. And it’s getting worse when I have to change the public transit before reaching my destination. And of course I need to call and tell them that I’ll be 5 minutes late.

And the typical moment when I’m trying to find my ticket in my too-big-bag my phone is ringing. Now, this is a real stress situation for me! But apparently today is my lucky day because tomorrow I’ll be going to another job interview!

When the interview was over I really did think that it would be easier to go back, but it wasn’t really because I didn’t know where to get off the bus. So brilliant I am! (Read: NOT!) The miracles aren’t over just yet. Before I reach my door steps my phone is ringing. Again. I’m one of these “forever”-alone types. People don’t call me very often. So when they do I totally stress out.

And eventually, after two months, my suitcases have arrived. All my lovely Primark clothes. And later there probably arrive a bill. Which I cannot pay before next month. I actually was wondering why the have arrived so fast. They were picked up in Barcelona just yesterday.

But I feel so happy to see my stuff again!

Becoming a Bridezilla

28 Apr

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I don’t think it’s too early to become a bridezilla. Because it’s exactly what’s happening to me! Well there are 9 months left and we have a lot of things to do since we’re currently not in the same country. But E and I are talking of who to invite. Since the ceremony is at the municipalidad de Trujillo, I wasn’t expecting something really big. Something special, yes. But in Las Americas they do everything really big.

And I should have kept that in mind. So E tells me the names of the people he wants to invite. I was expecting like 12-15 people. This aftenoon he tells me: Oh, I have 3 aunts and 2 uncles and their partner, my two friends from my study group… And my sister probably be there too, and I hope that my mom also will be able to come. Well I guess it’s fair enough to invite your closest family in an occasion like this. But honestly I don’t see why we should invite his too many uncles. Do we look like we’re having too much money? I’m saving up, so hard, and I know that I’ll be spending a bit on the wedding etc. But I think that we should stick to what we first planned; just those 12-15 people. The more people there will be there, the more awkward it will be for me. And sadly my family won’t be there. But I want to make it a special day for the two of us, but I really can’t see why we should invite so many people that only he knows. I’m not even sure of his relationship with those people. I honestly don’t have a clue of how to deal with the risk of an awkward wedding day.

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Getting married

26 Apr

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E hasn’t proposed officially. But it’s more like we have agreed that this is what we want. I’m really excited, and we’re beginning to plan our special day. We can’t afford to have a big party and the ceremony will be held at the municipal in Trujillo. Even for me it sounds cynical to get married to get permission to stay in the country, but for me there is one reason: it’s the easiest thing to do. For both of us. Before I leave Denmark in December I’ll have to make sure to have all my papers ready for the wedding. Besides I need to get them translated by the Peruvian authorities.

We are thinking of getting married in January 2014, since it’s summer in Peru. We’ll be inviting some friends for dinner. We don’t know the exact date yet. 9 months to go! And I’m really excited!

A word or two about Denmark

8 Apr

Yes, Indeed!

Well, I’ve noticed that I don’t talk so much about my own country, Denmark on the blog. Thinking that there isn’t probably much to say about how it is to be from this Scandinavian country. Wondering if I actually could say something more interesting than how unpredictable the weather is here. With a risk of being accused of not loving enough my own country, I just want to make things clear that I don’t expect other Danes to understand my need to be living abroad.

You’ve probably guessed it. I’m not really a nationalist. I consider myself more as someone who questions the things related to the society. People may say I should rather be grateful to recieve money from the state. I should be grateful that I have had so many things. I can always go see a doctor for free. I have access to free education. Just stop there. Who the heck said that it was free to study at the University of Copenhagen? Because it’s not. Well I know that people also may say I should be grateful of being able to get money while studying. Well the rate is high. I admit for some groups in the society is TOO high. I have never been able to get that amount of money while studying in high school since I was living in a foster care. The thing is mostly of my generation in high school who still live with their parents and get money from the state and actually HAVE A JOB? Why do you need to get money from the state? Oh, so you can go to parties and we can keep our record in drinking! To afford a lifestyle that you wouldn’t be able to afford when you move from your parents. I get it. (Sarcasm).

So my generation is really spoiled. I admit it. But I honestly admire people from other countries to stand by the pride of who they are and to be kind of successful. I’m referring to Janteloven. Seriously what’s wrong with our society, Denmark? That we teach our children to envy others. We are seriously living with a chronically low self esteem. We are afraid of what others are thinking about the choises we make in our lives. We pretend to be someone else. We always claim that we are so friendly. But sorry guys. Though you only will (may) see it if you are living abroad. We are not really friendly towards foreigners. And how can we be that when we allow our society to be ruled by politicians who don’t want them in our country. Sometimes I really can be ashamed about being from Denmark. And I honestly don’t think that is how it is supposed to be.

I’m kind of beginning to think that us, Danes, have becomed slaves of our own society. We are paying so much in taxes. And then we claim it to be a part of having our welfare-system. Or at least we pretend. (Which we are really good at.)



The in-laws Incident

6 Apr

Well, as mentioned in the previous post, I’ll be moving to Peru in December. But I can already tell that it’s not going to happen without drama. Though there still are 8 months left I’m busy saving up and prepare things. I still need my suitcases from Spain, and when they arrive I’m planning to really go through my stuff. I realised that I cannot have so many things when I go to Peru. But I’m completely sure of that is what I want. Then I have to go to Sweden to clear things out about the paper work  and stuff. And I need a visa, since I’m going for more than 3 months. So I suppose it’s time to get things done. And then we have been talking about getting married, but also I can tell that this won’t happen without drama from my family in-law, and then South America is known for their lovely bureaucracy. Just read sarcasm. Then comes the translation of my birth certificate and an examination at the doctor. This could be quite an adventure.

But I’m so nervous. This morning I read something on Facebook that I actually wish I didn’t read. After some incidents in Peru and Spain with my boyfriend’s mom and sister, I really do feel that I don’t need them to be around me. But then again. I’ll be staying in my mother in-law’s house in Trujillo. At least for a while. About the comment on Facebook which was from my sister in-law who told that she’ll probably go to Peru around New Year, made my mood from bad to fatal! Since they don’t like me for sure, I’m scared of their reaction. My mother-in-law doesn’t know that I’ll be moving to Peru. She thinks that I’ll be going on a vacation for two months. But my boyfriend says that we don’t have to tell them. I think that he’s probably right. But I’m use to that I can tell people the things as they are. But don’t ever do that to South American women. They’re going to think that you’re weird.

My boyfriend and I also have plans for New Year’s Eve. Already! Well since it’s summer in Peru, we will go to spend it on the beach with some friends. I hope that he’ll tell his sister. Since I don’t want to spend it with her. Really. I don’t want to be around people who don’t like me and besides behave like when we’re good enough then it’s OK. But when we don’t do it their way, they are like teenagers. So I’m going to tell my boyfriend what I think about it. Normally he doesn’t like to talk about these things about his family. But I think it’s just fair that I tell him how I feel about it. And I can only hope that he’ll support me. Just tell me this: Why should I ever give my keys to someone who doesn’t live in the apartment, and I’ve paid for them? No way. If she wants keys to her mother’s apartment, then she could go talk to her mother and pay for her own keys. Just saying. Really it isn’t a big deal. But they make it to something big and I don’t understand why she did get mad at me for… well… keys.  And a telephone incident. Haha

To be honest I don’t think that it’s possible to get a worse family in-law. And what they’ve done to me, mostly things they said to me, I don’t really think that it’s going to work out with them.