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2012 in photos

2 Jan

Well, to be honest I think that 2012 did pass too fast. For me it has been a year with so many memories, that so many great things have happened in my life. I would almost say that it has been the best year of my life, and I hope that 2013 will be at least as good or better!

La verdad es que pienso que el año 2012 ha pasado demasiado rápido. Para mí ha sido un año con tantas memorias, que tantas buenas cosas me han pasado. Que ha sido el mejor año de mi vida y espero que 2013 será tan bueno o superá el año pasado.



Lo hice! Terminé el instituto!

I graduated, June 2012!

I graduated, June 2012!



I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures! Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!

I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures!
Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!


Exploring a new culture and a new life in Barcelona, Spain!
Explorando una nueva cultura y una nueva vida en Barcelona, España!

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Ceviche, a Peruvian dish! Tasting Peru before even getting there!
Ceviche, un plato peruano! Probando el sabor de Perú antes de haber estado allí!


Pollo a la brasa with my boyfriend!
Pollo a la brasa con mi novio!



Visit from France!
Visita de Francia!


To the wedding of my sister in law, Trujillo, Peru!
En la boda de mi cuñada, Trujillo, Perú!


In Trujillo they don’t have llamas! What a disappointment!
En Trujillo no hay llamas! Qué decepción!


In Ecuador, my life’s worst travel ever!
En Ecuador, en el peor viaje de mi vida!

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New Year’s Eve in Barcelona!
Nochevieja en Barcelona!


I hope you also had an awesome year as I had. Looking forward to whatever 2013 may bring!

Espero que vosotros también habéis tenido un año maravilloso igual que yo. Alegrándome de las nuevas aventuras que vendrán en el 2013!

Part II: Confessions in Sants-Mont Juïc

16 Dec

Sants is a district/neighbourhood in Barcelona situated very close to L’eixample, Montjuïc and Plaça Espanya. Furthermore it leads to Hospitalet d’Llobregat, which is another city, actually the second largest city of Catalonia. Just be careful, they don’t put up signs; suddenly you’re outside Barcelona. In formal speech the Sants district includes Montjuïc. For those who haven’t been in Barcelona yet, Montjuïc is a mountain. There is a museum, a castle, the Olympic stadium and a lot of other things to see. It has an incredible view, depends of where you are standing on Montjuïc you’ll be able to see Hospitalet d’Llobregat, the Mediterranean Sea or just Barcelona.




I’ve been told that to live near Sagrada Familia is cheaper than Sants. But I must say that though Sants is not a neighbourhood where things are happening, like for an example, the Rambla, I enjoy its tranquility. Ohh, I almost forgot to mention Estació Sants. Goes directly to the Airport in Prat de Llobregat. So easy! But the truth is that there are tourists here, you just don’t spot them often as in the Rambla. I guess it’s more attractive to stay there (I won’t recommend it), than to stay in a district like Sants. I also may confess that the restaurants are better in Sants, or actually there are more bars than restaurants. Restaurants you’ll find in L’eixample or Barri Gótic. In Barri Gótic it’s actually a bit cheaper, but as you probably may already know, it depends of the place and the food.


DSC_0245 DSC_0246 DSC_0247


Finally some good news

13 Dec

Well, yesterday Inditex called me for an interview! OMG I was actually able to have a conversation in Spanish over the phone. So this morning I went excited to Carrer Pelayo. Seeing all these other people going for an interview kind of made me nervous. To be honest I don’t know how to feel about Inditex. I’ve heard people talk bad about the company, but I think that whatever happens, I’ll have to take the risk and accept (almost) all kind of job I’ll get offered. And to be honest, sales assistant in a shop can’t be that bad.

As said I was so excited for the interview. I would almost say that I started the morning getting breakfast in the local bakery, just one street away. (It’ll happens if you forget to buy milk!) Grabbing a croissant, straight to the metro, and right to Carrer Pelayo from Catalunya. Somehow I prefer the mornings in Barcelona. It’s like that the sky (actually always blue), tells me what I can expect of the city the rest of the day. To be honest, and I’m probably just saying this because I’ve lived 19 years in a Nordic country (Denmark), the winter is like spring in Barcelona!


So when I arrived, and stepped into the building. I was so nervous, not of making mistakes (just a bit!) but not to be able to speak. I thought that saying anything would be better than saying nada. But the young woman, I’d rather call all people working in Inditex for fashionistas, just gave me a pen, a paper to fill out. And at last we all went into another room to… ehm… more or less  it was like a meeting. The fashionista helped us filling out the document, and she briefly interviewed us one by one, in front of all the other people. I was like… “what if I’m not able to speak?!” But luckily I had put myself together and just answered the questions in Spanish. She actually asked me for how long I’d been living in Spain. Like almost 5 months. But by this I would say that I’m more than ready to have a job. Speak some more Spanish.


Just happening to me?!

I must say, that I feel quite persecuted by sellers on the street. They are trying to sell me books in the metro. This afternoon I kind of felt bad for the seller. I laughed him right in his face, saying that the other day I met his friend. And what else… ahh.. people from different organisations, you know, just like UNICEF. I just made it clear that I don’t have a work, no one in my apartment has a work in the moment! (Indirectly: I would never pay 12 euros at month!) Or like the other day, a friendly lady (SELLER), went to my building, and of course my apartment, trying to sell us butane!

About the sellers on the street that somehow I always run into, only happens when I’m alone!

Anyway, finally some good news, and I hope that Inditex will call me for another interview! I need this job, and I don’t care if I have to work 40 hours at week, I need the money!

That moment when I…

4 Dec

realise that Spain doesn’t have my future. When I ask myself do I want to study here? The answer is clearly no. Things have gone from bad to worse, and I can’t help that everyday I hate more and more the government. The EU. Economy and just the word crisis. So what to do? I guess that I need to (still) get a job, earn some money and get away before Rajoy turns out to be a new dictator. (Who the **** did vote for him?!)


Where will I be going? Well, before making wild plans that I can’t efford, I’ll have to be sure. But I can tell you that I won’t go back to Denmark. I’m about to do a break up with Barcelona, not my boyfriend. But I have to do things more right this time than when I decided to move to Spain. I have to wait at least one year. I need to think about which country can give me the best opportunities. And together with my boyfriend.

To be honest this may sound that I’ve given up my dreams. But I haven’t, if I had I had left Spain months ago. But the fact is that I have to realise that even though that I love Spain and I am crazy about Barcelona, I can’t see any future here. I thought I could, but as I said things have gone from bad to worse. And it won’t stop until they change the government. So sad to announce that it won’t happen in at least 3 years.

After only 5 months in Spain… I’m so frustrated that there’s nothing to do but wait. Let’s see what’s going to happen. Maybe I’ll have a job tomorrow. Maybe never.

t estimo

Wait… It’s getting cold in Barcelona!?

30 Nov

Sitting here in my small apartment with a glass of rosado from Rioja, freezing my ****! Admitting that it’s getting colder, that the season is about to change… like tomorrow! And also here in Barcelona. This week I have felt that 14ºC can be really cold, tasted REAL Spanish churros, Christmas market, been more aware of how much Spain’s government sucks… and since Christmas is just around the corner and I missed Denmark way too much, I made a little decoration. My first away-from-home-decoration! It’s actually really nice considering that I bought the things to make it at the Chinese in Sants. But it definitely works for me.

But I’ve also realised after some cheap, Spanish chocolate with churros in Barri Gótic that I really have to change my spots once in a while. I just can’t help that I’ve fallen totally for Barri Gótic.

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

To get warmed up, I went to Barri Gótic…

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros... I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I'll go to Santa Clara any time!

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros… I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I’ll go to Santa Clara any time!

Dat Churros!

Dat Churros!

After, I went out.. and guess what I discovered: a Christmas market! I actually didn’t know that there was any of that kind of stuff here, and it isn’t that special if you compares it with the German Christmas markets! But it was nice. (Btw, if you’re round Barcelona this Winter, you’ll now be able to go ice-skating in Plaça Catalunya!)

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven't felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven’t felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

So, it’s just time to get the big coat on, and go out there and enjoy the last month of 2012. Whether you live in Barcelona or another city! You can see more photos from the last week of November!

Part I: Getting lost in Barri Gótic

27 Nov

I’ve wanted for quite a while now making a series about different parts of Barcelona. Probably there have been many bloggers to write about those neighbourhoods, but I don’t think that adventures & fairytales should be any exception. I mean, it’s about life in Barcelona, the way I see it. Well, to be honest I have my favorite barrios in Barcelona, but the thing about Barcelona is that it’s a city which actually still tells an ancient story about the past while gone modern.

Barri Gótic. In my opinion the most charming barrio of Barcelona. When you walk into the barrio, it’s like entering another era. Maybe I have read to many books about Spain’s and Catalunya’s history, I can definitely recommend Ildefonso Falcones’ “La Mano de Fatima” and “La Catedral del Mar”. Especially “La Catedral del Mar” is quite interesting if you like me, find the history of Barcelona fascinating.


To be honest I prefer Barri Gótic way more than La Rambla. It has shops you don’t find else where in the city. Though it really has its charm, the most Gothic pearls in Barcelona are just outside Barri Gótic. But it’s definitely a must to see. Getting lost there will be no problem! They say that it’s the heart of Barcelona. The Generalitat is situated in Plaça Sant Jaume, and the Dom, Catedral de Barcelona is also situated really close to Sant Jaume. If you want to get inspired otherwise, there a lots of museums in the barrio. From Federico Marés to the History of Barcelona.


I think it deserves to be mentioned; if you want to be really cool and try out some really Catalan culture, you should definitely go to Sant Jaume, in front of the Catedral on Sundays !


If you want to see other Cathedrals you’ll have to go to the Barrio Ribera, which is situated next to Barri Gótic!


Have you been in Barcelona? Which barrio you like most? 

A aprendre Catalá!

27 Nov

Time to get started with Catalan! Just about time. I always like to give myself a new challenge by learning a new language. The reason… well, I live in Barcelona, which is reason enough. The fact that I speak Spanish helps, but I think that pronunciation is going to give me a bit trouble though.

I think that it is important to learn the “local” language. In this case it’s Spanish AND Catalan. It’s an important part to get integrated. It can also be a bit frustrating because sometimes Spanish is not enough in Catalunya. In the other hand, I recognise the problem of integration also from Denmark. And I don’t want to be that part. So I have to get rid of all negative thoughts and just learn. Also the fact that for me it has always been easy to learn a new language. So Catalan will be no exception! (I’m kind of looking forward to be able to change the number from 3 to 4!!)

I really wanted to go to have classes and meet other people. (I know that I can have classes for free). But in the end I decided to borrow some books at the library and get started. I think that teaching yourself something can be better than a class. I mean, you can just take your time learning! But the negative thing about it is that if you have questions or doubts, there will be no teacher. I guess it depends of the way you like to learn.



The more that I open this book, the more crazy I think I am!


Incredible! I actually managed to find a Danish – Catalan dictionary!



So… A aprendre Catalá!

Does solidarity exist in the EU?

26 Nov

This entry is part two of a series about Spain’s situation, España actual. Yesterday I wrote about the election in Catalunya.  I was kind of surprised when I heard this morning that Artur Mas will continue as president. But I really think that it’s better than the PP. And I find it incredibly hard to understand why the PP accuses Artur Mas for failing. I mean, take a look at Spain. It’s situation has gone from bad to worse with Rajoy as president!


And as an answer to the title, I don’t think that solidarity exist in the EU!

You’ve probably guessed it… I’m not Conservative. I think that the government of Spain is running away from its responsibility together with the rest of the EU. I try to be really critical about what I’m watching in the news. But as the Spaniards say them self, things are getting worse for every day that passes.

I’m not sure if there actually exists any solution to the crisis in the EU. It’s not only about the economy, but also the political. No one can agree and countries such as Denmark (so embarrassing), England and Germany only want discount in the budget! In other words they don’t think that the crisis in Spain is their problem. It sounds a bit morbid, but I would somehow love to see for example Germany and Denmark in the same situation as Spain. What would they do to fix it?

And it’s pretty clear that the money which hopefully is going to save Southern Europe, is also money which is impossible to pay back. We’ve seen it with Greece. Not only once but 4-5 times.

What do you think the EU should do? Will the EU be able to exist without Spain? Are you agree with what Rajoy is doing, and do you think that Artur Mas is the right winner of the Catalan election? And how do you think “Independence” will impact the EU?

Take a Break in Park Ciutadella

15 Nov

I spent this afternoon sightseeing in Barcelona on my own. Which is something that I have never done before. Don’t ask me why. The weather in Spain is quite incredible. It’s November, the sun is shining, the sky is blue. And forget all about your big wintercoat. I carry my computer in a bag, which is incredibly heavy and uncomfortable. This time I actually decided to take the Metro, though I didn’t have any idea of where to go. So since I carried my computer, I decided to go to Parc Ciutadella and Arc de Triomf to spent an hour or two in the park. I love the park because of it’s tranquility, like when you enter another world. People who are just taking a break from their busy everydaylife. Though it may sound a bit freaky, I actually like watching other people and think about their differences.

So as said, I went to Parc Ciutadella. And I actually photographed my way to the park. I first went to Plaça Espanya and Mont Juïc though! For more photos follow the link, https://streetsoftrujillo.wordpress.com/photos/


Den Store Verden

20 Oct

At rejse er en del af den globaliserede verden vi lever i dag. Vi rejser efterhånden længere og længere væk, for at lære
nye kulturer at kende. Flere og flere bosætter sig i udlandet, måske på grund af uddannelse. Jeg selv er flyttet til Spanien, og har nu boet her i 3 måneder.

Jeg er faktisk ret glad for at bo her, jeg trængte lidt til at komme væk fra Danmark. Ikke fordi jeg ikke har kunnet lide at bo i Danmark eller ikke kan lide at være dansker, men min indre bevidsthed skreg på forandring. Det har jeg så fået. Jeg må indrømme, at dette flytte-hjemmefra-projekt ganskevist har været grundet manglende overvejelser, lidt ude og svæve.

Det kræver et mentalt overskud for at overleve i “the concrete jungle” som det nu engang er at bo i Barcelona. Et mentalt overskud, som jeg ikke rigtig ved, hvor jeg finder henne. Men det har overbevist mig om, at det var det rigtige valg jeg tog, trods krisen. Jeg vil dog ikke komme mere ind på krisen i Spanien i dette oplæg.


Barcelona er som bekendt den anden største by i Spanien. Det er en utrolig flot, men samtidig mindre køn by. Husk, at som turist ser man kun de mere skinnende ting af byen. Jeg selv blev virkelig chokeret, da den virkelige verden bankede på. Uafhængighedsdebatten kører for fuld udblæsning, for mange helligdage og politik, der kun medfører kaos.

Arbejde er et ret så følsomt emne. Der er en del arbejde, men det er svært at få et, fordi de når at tryne en i telefonen inden, der overhovedet bliver tale om jobsamtale. Jeg er næsten fristet til at sige, at når det gælder arbejde i Spanien, er de, der ringer som oftest ret uhøflige. Det er ikke fordi jeg ikke kan snakke deres sprog, jeg hører bare generelt dårligt i telefonen. Jeg blev virkelig chockeret over den måde at snakke de snakker til folk på. For det ikke skal være løgn; de fleste TV-programmer i Spanien, handler primært om at tryne hinanden.

Det jeg tilgengæld bedst kan lide ved Barcelona, er at man keder sig aldrig. Der er altid noget at lave. Man bliver jo helt kulturel af at være flyttet til storbyen!