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Finally some good news

13 Dec

Well, yesterday Inditex called me for an interview! OMG I was actually able to have a conversation in Spanish over the phone. So this morning I went excited to Carrer Pelayo. Seeing all these other people going for an interview kind of made me nervous. To be honest I don’t know how to feel about Inditex. I’ve heard people talk bad about the company, but I think that whatever happens, I’ll have to take the risk and accept (almost) all kind of job I’ll get offered. And to be honest, sales assistant in a shop can’t be that bad.

As said I was so excited for the interview. I would almost say that I started the morning getting breakfast in the local bakery, just one street away. (It’ll happens if you forget to buy milk!) Grabbing a croissant, straight to the metro, and right to Carrer Pelayo from Catalunya. Somehow I prefer the mornings in Barcelona. It’s like that the sky (actually always blue), tells me what I can expect of the city the rest of the day. To be honest, and I’m probably just saying this because I’ve lived 19 years in a Nordic country (Denmark), the winter is like spring in Barcelona!


So when I arrived, and stepped into the building. I was so nervous, not of making mistakes (just a bit!) but not to be able to speak. I thought that saying anything would be better than saying nada. But the young woman, I’d rather call all people working in Inditex for fashionistas, just gave me a pen, a paper to fill out. And at last we all went into another room to… ehm… more or less  it was like a meeting. The fashionista helped us filling out the document, and she briefly interviewed us one by one, in front of all the other people. I was like… “what if I’m not able to speak?!” But luckily I had put myself together and just answered the questions in Spanish. She actually asked me for how long I’d been living in Spain. Like almost 5 months. But by this I would say that I’m more than ready to have a job. Speak some more Spanish.


Just happening to me?!

I must say, that I feel quite persecuted by sellers on the street. They are trying to sell me books in the metro. This afternoon I kind of felt bad for the seller. I laughed him right in his face, saying that the other day I met his friend. And what else… ahh.. people from different organisations, you know, just like UNICEF. I just made it clear that I don’t have a work, no one in my apartment has a work in the moment! (Indirectly: I would never pay 12 euros at month!) Or like the other day, a friendly lady (SELLER), went to my building, and of course my apartment, trying to sell us butane!

About the sellers on the street that somehow I always run into, only happens when I’m alone!

Anyway, finally some good news, and I hope that Inditex will call me for another interview! I need this job, and I don’t care if I have to work 40 hours at week, I need the money!

Part I: Getting lost in Barri Gótic

27 Nov

I’ve wanted for quite a while now making a series about different parts of Barcelona. Probably there have been many bloggers to write about those neighbourhoods, but I don’t think that adventures & fairytales should be any exception. I mean, it’s about life in Barcelona, the way I see it. Well, to be honest I have my favorite barrios in Barcelona, but the thing about Barcelona is that it’s a city which actually still tells an ancient story about the past while gone modern.

Barri Gótic. In my opinion the most charming barrio of Barcelona. When you walk into the barrio, it’s like entering another era. Maybe I have read to many books about Spain’s and Catalunya’s history, I can definitely recommend Ildefonso Falcones’ “La Mano de Fatima” and “La Catedral del Mar”. Especially “La Catedral del Mar” is quite interesting if you like me, find the history of Barcelona fascinating.


To be honest I prefer Barri Gótic way more than La Rambla. It has shops you don’t find else where in the city. Though it really has its charm, the most Gothic pearls in Barcelona are just outside Barri Gótic. But it’s definitely a must to see. Getting lost there will be no problem! They say that it’s the heart of Barcelona. The Generalitat is situated in Plaça Sant Jaume, and the Dom, Catedral de Barcelona is also situated really close to Sant Jaume. If you want to get inspired otherwise, there a lots of museums in the barrio. From Federico Marés to the History of Barcelona.


I think it deserves to be mentioned; if you want to be really cool and try out some really Catalan culture, you should definitely go to Sant Jaume, in front of the Catedral on Sundays !


If you want to see other Cathedrals you’ll have to go to the Barrio Ribera, which is situated next to Barri Gótic!


Have you been in Barcelona? Which barrio you like most?