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A Saving Up-project

31 Mar

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Well, since I’m back in Denmark I can start saving up to go on a new trip. I’m thinking of going to Peru for two months in December, just around Christmas. But it is kind of a project to go back home, looking for a job and start saving up for a new adventure. The thing is that just like Spain, though it isn’t so bad as in Spain, it’s difficult to get a job even in Denmark. So right now I’m having some help from the municipal, but it really sucks. So in the moment I’m looking for something, well anything. Right now I’m working for free, yup I have to just to get money from the municipal. It’s so complicated. Really. And I don’t like the place where I’m working. Luckily it’s “only” for 4 weeks. But then, the municipal was supposed to give me money, since they can’t even help me with an appartment. I’m just curious why they haven’t even given me the half of what I “thought” I was supposed to be given. I’m lot even able to pay for getting back my suitcases and pay my rent for the room I’m having at my sister.

But as I wrote in a post for a long time ago, I’m going to give Peru a second chance. Since my last trip was a huge failure in so many ways. And furthermore still have so many problems with my family-in-law. (I don’t think it actually can get any worse!!) I’ve just forgiven my mother-in-law for what she did to me in Peru (yes, I know I’m pretty slow on that point), and when she was claiming that I was going to cheat on her son… And then she freaking tells me that I’m destroying her son’s life. It does not make any sense. And I know something else like that will be coming up next time.

But anyway, I’m looking forward to go to Peru, and YES I might be very optimistic but I believe that I’m able to save up for Peru. It’s actually not that expensive.. So who knows? Maybe this time I’ll be able to go and see the more intresting stuff. And I’m looking forward to spend my New Years Eve once again, ABROAD!


Part II: Confessions in Sants-Mont Juïc

16 Dec

Sants is a district/neighbourhood in Barcelona situated very close to L’eixample, Montjuïc and Plaça Espanya. Furthermore it leads to Hospitalet d’Llobregat, which is another city, actually the second largest city of Catalonia. Just be careful, they don’t put up signs; suddenly you’re outside Barcelona. In formal speech the Sants district includes Montjuïc. For those who haven’t been in Barcelona yet, Montjuïc is a mountain. There is a museum, a castle, the Olympic stadium and a lot of other things to see. It has an incredible view, depends of where you are standing on Montjuïc you’ll be able to see Hospitalet d’Llobregat, the Mediterranean Sea or just Barcelona.




I’ve been told that to live near Sagrada Familia is cheaper than Sants. But I must say that though Sants is not a neighbourhood where things are happening, like for an example, the Rambla, I enjoy its tranquility. Ohh, I almost forgot to mention Estació Sants. Goes directly to the Airport in Prat de Llobregat. So easy! But the truth is that there are tourists here, you just don’t spot them often as in the Rambla. I guess it’s more attractive to stay there (I won’t recommend it), than to stay in a district like Sants. I also may confess that the restaurants are better in Sants, or actually there are more bars than restaurants. Restaurants you’ll find in L’eixample or Barri Gótic. In Barri Gótic it’s actually a bit cheaper, but as you probably may already know, it depends of the place and the food.


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3 Cities & 3 Languages

15 Dec


In the moment I feel like obsessed with particular one city in Europe. It’s like a “Must-see”-city. But I’ve never been there yet. As the title says there are actually 3 of them. Just in particular one I’m obsessed with. Also I’m kind of nerd. I would love to add 3 more languages to my list. As in one of my previous posts I’m learning Catalan. And right now you may be thinking of what cities and languages I’m talking about. What city would have my next adventure, or which part of the world, I can’t tell yet. Or what language will be the next I’ll be struggling with.

“It would be nice to travel if you knew where you were going and where you would live at the end or do we ever know, do we ever live where we live, we’re always in other places, lost, like sheep.” janet frame.

To be honest I don’t know where I’m going in this world. I left my home country, I live in Spain. And I’m realising that I don’t want to live in Spain for the rest of the life. So as Janet Frame says, I’d rather be like a lost sheep. But then again, where do I want to live? The world is huge and filled with opportunities. You just have to grab them! But I would lie if I said that I didn’t love Spain and Barcelona. I love the language, the history.

3 languages I’d love to learn

And with this, you’ll probably see where this is going. The languages have in some point something to do with the places where I want to go, maybe live.

3. Italian. Somehow I think it’s a funny language. Maybe I’ll go Rome to live someday or an Italian village, having Italian wine and eating spaghetti till I die!

2.Portuguese. To be honest I’ve been dying to learn Portuguese! I know I could go to Portugal… or maybe go to Brazil, exploring the Amazonas, dancing Samba, go to the beach everyday!

1.French. I actually never thought that I’d be saying French. I must admit that I was pretty skeptic about French. To be honest maybe just testing if it’s true what people say about the language. Is it really more sexy than Spanish? I assume it is. I guess that I’m just saying it now when I live in Spain.


3 cities I’d love to visit

3. I would difinitely go back to London! (Maybe villages in England could be interesting too!)

2.Some village in Southern France, more specific Provence! (Drinking wine, eating fromage and bread!)

1.Paris! Of course! I’m not much of a fashionista though. But as written previously in this post, it’s a “Must-see”-city. I’m already thinking of those french words I know, in my head it sounds good, probably not in real life. Paris is difinitely mon amour in the moment!


I will just quickly recommend a blog. I love Liz Carlson’s travel blog, and if you’re looking for travel inspiration or just want to read a great blog, this is the perfect place!

Wait… It’s getting cold in Barcelona!?

30 Nov

Sitting here in my small apartment with a glass of rosado from Rioja, freezing my ****! Admitting that it’s getting colder, that the season is about to change… like tomorrow! And also here in Barcelona. This week I have felt that 14ºC can be really cold, tasted REAL Spanish churros, Christmas market, been more aware of how much Spain’s government sucks… and since Christmas is just around the corner and I missed Denmark way too much, I made a little decoration. My first away-from-home-decoration! It’s actually really nice considering that I bought the things to make it at the Chinese in Sants. But it definitely works for me.

But I’ve also realised after some cheap, Spanish chocolate with churros in Barri Gótic that I really have to change my spots once in a while. I just can’t help that I’ve fallen totally for Barri Gótic.

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

Plaça Catalunya, the weather was awesome but cold!

To get warmed up, I went to Barri Gótic…

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros... I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I'll go to Santa Clara any time!

Me; that chocolate was just awesome, and with the churros… I have no words, and it was pretty cheap! I’ll go to Santa Clara any time!

Dat Churros!

Dat Churros!

After, I went out.. and guess what I discovered: a Christmas market! I actually didn’t know that there was any of that kind of stuff here, and it isn’t that special if you compares it with the German Christmas markets! But it was nice. (Btw, if you’re round Barcelona this Winter, you’ll now be able to go ice-skating in Plaça Catalunya!)

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven't felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

This made me feel the Christmas spirit which I haven’t felt so long..! Nothing special, but nice!

So, it’s just time to get the big coat on, and go out there and enjoy the last month of 2012. Whether you live in Barcelona or another city! You can see more photos from the last week of November!

Part I: Getting lost in Barri Gótic

27 Nov

I’ve wanted for quite a while now making a series about different parts of Barcelona. Probably there have been many bloggers to write about those neighbourhoods, but I don’t think that adventures & fairytales should be any exception. I mean, it’s about life in Barcelona, the way I see it. Well, to be honest I have my favorite barrios in Barcelona, but the thing about Barcelona is that it’s a city which actually still tells an ancient story about the past while gone modern.

Barri Gótic. In my opinion the most charming barrio of Barcelona. When you walk into the barrio, it’s like entering another era. Maybe I have read to many books about Spain’s and Catalunya’s history, I can definitely recommend Ildefonso Falcones’ “La Mano de Fatima” and “La Catedral del Mar”. Especially “La Catedral del Mar” is quite interesting if you like me, find the history of Barcelona fascinating.


To be honest I prefer Barri Gótic way more than La Rambla. It has shops you don’t find else where in the city. Though it really has its charm, the most Gothic pearls in Barcelona are just outside Barri Gótic. But it’s definitely a must to see. Getting lost there will be no problem! They say that it’s the heart of Barcelona. The Generalitat is situated in Plaça Sant Jaume, and the Dom, Catedral de Barcelona is also situated really close to Sant Jaume. If you want to get inspired otherwise, there a lots of museums in the barrio. From Federico Marés to the History of Barcelona.


I think it deserves to be mentioned; if you want to be really cool and try out some really Catalan culture, you should definitely go to Sant Jaume, in front of the Catedral on Sundays !


If you want to see other Cathedrals you’ll have to go to the Barrio Ribera, which is situated next to Barri Gótic!


Have you been in Barcelona? Which barrio you like most?