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Becoming a Bridezilla

28 Apr

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I don’t think it’s too early to become a bridezilla. Because it’s exactly what’s happening to me! Well there are 9 months left and we have a lot of things to do since we’re currently not in the same country. But E and I are talking of who to invite. Since the ceremony is at the municipalidad de Trujillo, I wasn’t expecting something really big. Something special, yes. But in Las Americas they do everything really big.

And I should have kept that in mind. So E tells me the names of the people he wants to invite. I was expecting like 12-15 people. This aftenoon he tells me: Oh, I have 3 aunts and 2 uncles and their partner, my two friends from my study group… And my sister probably be there too, and I hope that my mom also will be able to come. Well I guess it’s fair enough to invite your closest family in an occasion like this. But honestly I don’t see why we should invite his too many uncles. Do we look like we’re having too much money? I’m saving up, so hard, and I know that I’ll be spending a bit on the wedding etc. But I think that we should stick to what we first planned; just those 12-15 people. The more people there will be there, the more awkward it will be for me. And sadly my family won’t be there. But I want to make it a special day for the two of us, but I really can’t see why we should invite so many people that only he knows. I’m not even sure of his relationship with those people. I honestly don’t have a clue of how to deal with the risk of an awkward wedding day.

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Getting married

26 Apr

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E hasn’t proposed officially. But it’s more like we have agreed that this is what we want. I’m really excited, and we’re beginning to plan our special day. We can’t afford to have a big party and the ceremony will be held at the municipal in Trujillo. Even for me it sounds cynical to get married to get permission to stay in the country, but for me there is one reason: it’s the easiest thing to do. For both of us. Before I leave Denmark in December I’ll have to make sure to have all my papers ready for the wedding. Besides I need to get them translated by the Peruvian authorities.

We are thinking of getting married in January 2014, since it’s summer in Peru. We’ll be inviting some friends for dinner. We don’t know the exact date yet. 9 months to go! And I’m really excited!

2012 in photos

2 Jan

Well, to be honest I think that 2012 did pass too fast. For me it has been a year with so many memories, that so many great things have happened in my life. I would almost say that it has been the best year of my life, and I hope that 2013 will be at least as good or better!

La verdad es que pienso que el año 2012 ha pasado demasiado rápido. Para mí ha sido un año con tantas memorias, que tantas buenas cosas me han pasado. Que ha sido el mejor año de mi vida y espero que 2013 será tan bueno o superá el año pasado.



Lo hice! Terminé el instituto!

I graduated, June 2012!

I graduated, June 2012!



I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures! Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!

I packed my bags and moved to Spain in search for new adventures!
Hice las maletas para mudarme a España en busqueda de nuevas aventuras!


Exploring a new culture and a new life in Barcelona, Spain!
Explorando una nueva cultura y una nueva vida en Barcelona, España!

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Ceviche, a Peruvian dish! Tasting Peru before even getting there!
Ceviche, un plato peruano! Probando el sabor de Perú antes de haber estado allí!


Pollo a la brasa with my boyfriend!
Pollo a la brasa con mi novio!



Visit from France!
Visita de Francia!


To the wedding of my sister in law, Trujillo, Peru!
En la boda de mi cuñada, Trujillo, Perú!


In Trujillo they don’t have llamas! What a disappointment!
En Trujillo no hay llamas! Qué decepción!


In Ecuador, my life’s worst travel ever!
En Ecuador, en el peor viaje de mi vida!

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New Year’s Eve in Barcelona!
Nochevieja en Barcelona!


I hope you also had an awesome year as I had. Looking forward to whatever 2013 may bring!

Espero que vosotros también habéis tenido un año maravilloso igual que yo. Alegrándome de las nuevas aventuras que vendrán en el 2013!